I just wanted to send this to let everyone at ARF know how happy I’ve been with my boy Max. I adopted him January 2016 as a birthday present to myself. I had moved to London from Ottawa in September and I was feeling really lonely in my empty apartment, since I’ve always had roommates. I was actually really struggling with loneliness at this point. That’s when I found little 7-month-old Max on ARF’s website. My friend wanted me to get a tiny kitten, and I was actually originally leaning towards adopting an older cat (I have a thing for wanting the pets that no one else really wants). I saw his big, green eyes and fell in love. When I went to meet him at his foster house, his foster mom warned me that he was super skittish and might not even come out, but with some Temptations we were able to lure him out. I knew he was the little guy for me.

Fast forward a year to now. I live in a house with three other friends who all love Max as much as I do (but I’ll always be Mama #1) so he’s surrounded by so much love. He’s still skittish but I’ve figured out ways to make his life easier. He loves his treats and always takes them from my fingers gently. Sure, he wakes me up in the morning, but it’s only because he’s so excited I moved and he thinks I’m awake and ready to play. I love him so much, and I’m so glad I adopted him. 

Thank you, ARF!


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