In August 2016 we suddenly lost our 13 year old cat Lucy. We were in shock and devastated by her unexpected death. As our other cat Molly who was 17 at the time, was older and in kidney failure we decided to wait before adopting a new cat.

However, a few weeks later we noticed that Molly seemed to be lonely and sad. We started looking at cats up for adoption with no intention of adopting, we were just looking! But then we saw the pictures of sisters Luna and Persephone and we knew we wanted to adopt them. We brought the girls home or “the twins” as we call them. We kept Rosie (Luna) and Daphne (Persephone) separate from our older resident cat Molly for about 2 weeks. As they slowly got  to know each other the twins became less skittish and Molly became more accepting of them, however Molly looks at them like they are silly when they running and playing like kittens do.

Rosie and Daphne celebrated their first birthday and Molly her 18th. This November it will be a year that the twins found their furever  home and we love them so much. We have never adopted two kittens at the same time before. There is no other way I would do it now. So glad we found them, they were just what we needed.

– The Bowen family

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