Hi ARF team, 

I have been meaning to do this for way too long. I wanted to share my success story about Willow (adopted in April 2016 and formerly known as Luna). 
My husband, Dan, and I adopted Willow in April of 2016. At that time she was a 10 week old pup and pretty much the cutest thing we had ever seen. As much as we thought we were prepared, nothing could truly have prepared us for those early puppy days. She sure was a handful but we had so much fun working hard to socialize and train her and we quickly learned that putting time into helping her adapt to her new home and life was worth it a thousand times over. Willow pretty quickly became our best friend and the life of most parties! Almost a year after adopting Willow we learned that I was pregnant. This summer our daughter Abby joined our family. We knew this would be a tough transition for Willow so again we worked hard to make sure she still felt like the valued and loved family member she is. After a tough few months early on, I can now say that I couldn’t be more proud of Willow. She has shown us that she is not only an extremely playful and active pup, but a loving and gentle big sister. Abby loves laughing at Willow play catch and tug and Willow loves watching over Abby (in fact there have been times where I haven’t heard Abby’s cries right away in the middle of the night so I have woken up to Willow licking my face to alert me!). We are forever grateful to ARF for rescuing Willow and helping her find her way to our family. 
Thank YOU! 
Amy, Dan, Abby and Willow  

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