Just wanted to send in a one-year update on our ARF dog Knapper (was Molson). Knapper has had an amazing year and he’s made our lives so much better. He picked up all the basic training with Awesome Dogs quickly and is becoming a better and better dog every day. It’s so rewarding seeing how far he’s come in a year; he’s calmer around new people and in new places, he’s less afraid of loud noises (although still afraid of trains!), and is super excited about going for car rides, when he was so afraid to get in the car a year ago. He loves going for walks every morning, exploring all the trails in and around London, and then snoozing soundly on his dog bed all afternoon. He especially likes walking with dog friends. He also loves hosting and attending parties will all our friends and being the center of attention. He went to the dog beach, visited family, went canoeing, and went camping this summer, and loves to romp in the snow all winter. His broken leg doesn’t slow him down and seems to be bothering him less and less over time; our vet said he was “ripped” so all those hikes seem to be paying off. We wouldn’t trade our crooked legged guy for any other dog in the world.

Thanks for all the wonderful work you do.

– Josh and Amy

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