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3 Years old Spayed Female "Petite and sweet" mix!

Annie has come a long way since she arrived in ARF's care as a feral, malnourished cat. She is a healthy weight with a nice, soft coat of fur, and although she used to be cautious about getting up on human furniture, she is now very affectionate and hops up to join her foster parent on the couch, sitting on his lap and purring while she is petted.

Annie does a good job of amusing herself while her foster parent is away, playing with stuffed animals, envelopes, and anything that has a bell-like sound. Annie is still a little shy around strangers, but she will be a wonderful, affectionate friend.

She has a few idiosyncrasies that make her fun to be around. For example, she likes to use a bucket of water for drinking and washing her paws after using the litterbox. When her foster parent sees her do this, she acts embarrassed and runs away. She enjoys watching action out the window but shows no interest in the fish tank at her foster parent's home.

Annie likes to play is coy, but she loves attention. She will make someone a wonderful companion! Annie has been de-wormed, treated for fleas, microchipped and spayed. To apply to adopt Annie, click on the 'Adopt-Me' icon beside her photo!
Adopt Annie


2 Months old Neutered Male ADOPTED!

Adopt Coconut


2 Years old Spayed Female "Small but mighty" mix!

Hi! My name is Curie. I was named after Marie Curie, the famous female physicist / chemist. My foster mom tells me it’s because I am a strong-willed, yet sweet girl, who has repeatedly overcome many of life’s obstacles and has always came out on the other side stronger than before.

Let me tell you my story – When I was rescued by ARF volunteers, I weighed less than 3 pounds. My little body was full of parasites, I had a massive flea infestation that left me with missing fur, I had ear mites and I was very anemic. At the time of my rescue, the ARF team was not sure that I was going to make it…as I was pretty sick. I was taken to the Strathroy Animal Clinic where I obtained the necessary medical attention that I needed. After some TLC, medication, good kitten food I was given a clean bill of health that allowed me to be spayed and obtain my vaccines.

Today, I am still a tiny girl who is shy, but curious. I like to take my time to explore my surroundings. My foster mom tells me that I have beautiful eyes, green around the edges and blue in the middle. I have never seen them before, but I will take her word for it! I have recently found my voice and enjoy conversing with my foster parents. I will make it clear when I am hungry or want your attention. Most important of all, I absolutely love to snuggle. Plop me on your chest or your lap and I will stay there for hours if you let me.

I enjoy the company of other animals and I like to play with my toys. I can confidently use the litter box, I have been spayed, received my vaccines, am microchipped and have been treated with Revolution. If you are looking for a sweet kitty that loves to cuddle, then I am your girl. Please click the ‘Adopt Me’ Icon beside my picture and apply!
Adopt Curie


12 Months old Spayed Female ADOPTION PENDING!

Adopt Dart


18 Months old Spayed Female "Shy and sweet" mix!

Gracee came into care with her sister and brother and three kittens. She is a gorgeous tuxedo kitty, a black and white girl with beautiful markings. She lives in a foster home with her sister, Gurtee. She is a very shy girl, but much more confident when with her sister. It only took a day or two for Gracee to decide she liked her foster mom and let her pat her. She cries when she cannot see her sister and it would be preferred if they could be adopted together.

Gracee is devoted to her foster mom, and loves pats and cuddles from her. It took time to earn this devotion, but her foster mom gently won her trust. She is now very comfortable with humans. She is not so sure of the three resident cats. And can be a bit intimidating with one of the very large males. Introductions to a new cat would have to go slowly, or she would have to be the only pet in the home or with her sister.

Gracee loves to race with her sister, or chase a ball up and down the hall. She is crazy for cat nip and can demolish it in a flash! She loves to sit on the bed and watch out the window quietly by herself.

Gracee, like her sister zooms in for her dinner and eats anything put in front of her. She used her litterbox faithfully from the first day. She has been treated for
fleas and parasites, vaccinated, spayed and microchipped.
To apply to adopt this beautiful girl, please click on the icon beside her photo.
Adopt Gracee


2 Years old Spayed Female "Sweet and gentle" mix!

Gracie is an approximately 2 year old muted Calico cat. She came into ARF’s care with kittens, who have long since been adopted. She has been in ARF’s care for some time, and she will require patient and committed adopters.

Gracie is a gentle, sweet girl, but she takes a long time to warm up to people, or even to spend time outside of hiding. She has been in her current foster home for about 4 months, and she is only now feeling comfortable enough to come upstairs for treats and occasionally join a family member on the bed.

She is quite smitten, however, with the resident cat, and would do well in a house that had a cat with whom she could bond. While she tolerates the resident dog, who is very cat-friendly, she would probably do best in a home without pets (other than cats). She is very treat motivated and has responded well to encouragement with treats. She does NOT like to be picked up, so getting Gracie to showings or to the vet can be a challenge. However, she will come to you for petting and enjoys a conversation every once in a while.

Gracie is spayed, up to date on vaccines, and microchipped. She would love to find a patient home to call her own. Might that be your family? To apply to adopt Gracie, click on the 'Adopt-Me' icon beside her photo.
Adopt Gracie


18 Months old Female "Sleek and sassy" mix!

Gurtee came into care with her sister and brother and three small kittens. She is a beautiful girl with a soft shiny black coat. She also has a whit bib and tummy.

A little shy and first, she quickly warmed up to human contact and follows her foster mom around everywhere she goes. She lives with her sister Gracee and is very connected to her. She cries when she cannot see her, and it is a preference that they be adopted together. She will only take a day or two to settle into her new home. Although Gurtee lives with three resident cats, she does not mix with them but rather stays with her sister.

Gurtee loves to rock and roll! She runs from room to room, but her favourite is to zoom up the stairs and launch herself onto the window sill at the top of the stairs. The trees outside are full of birds and squirrels that entertain her for hours. She enjoys toys as well and carries a little ball to her foster mom to throw up the stairs. She races up to get it and brings it back down to be thrown again.

Mealtime finds Gurtee with her nose in the bowl. She is on good quality kibble and wet food and loves it all! She faithfully used her litterbox from day one. Gurtee has be treated for fleas and worms. She has been vaccinated, spayed, and microchipped. To adopt this lovely girl, please click on the icom beside her name.
Adopt Gurtee


12 Months old Spayed Female "Playful personality" mix!

Hi! My name is Jenga! I'm an extremely playful kitty! I love to play with my toys (especially my toy mouse) and my foster family. Despite my energetic personality I also enjoy curling up on my foster mom's lap for a nap or getting cuddles in the evening. I have been told that I have beautiful green eyes and a sweet disposition. I'm not shy and love to meet and greet new people! I like to hang out where the action is.

I can confidently use the litter box and haven't had any accidents. I don't use my claws on furniture and am very well behaved- I respect the rules of the house try to stay off the table and counters.

I have been spayed, received my vaccines, am micro chipped and have been treated with Revolution. I'd love to meet you to see if I would fit into your life.
Adopt Jenga


2 Years old Neutered Male "Curious cutie" mix!

Introducing Joey! This boy is a beautiful orange tabby with a huge heart. He has a sweet, laid back personality and is enjoying the comfort and safety of foster care.

Joey lives in foster care with two small dogs and cats. He is very curious and smart as he explores his foster home environment. He is a very quiet boy and he loves to be affectionate with people. Joey is very easy going with the two dogs but doesn’t always play well with the other cats so it’s best if he is the only cat in his forever home. He really enjoys having his belly rubbed and will wiggle around until you give him more affection.

He is looking for a forever family who will embrace his very playful personality and continue to give him the time and affection he craves. He is a loving cat who will be a wonderful addition to any home.

Joey does enjoy his canned food and kibble but his foster mom is still looking for that special treat that will grab his attention. His foster mom is very impressed with his neat litter box manners. Joey has been neutered, dewormed, FIV tested, vaccinated and given Revolution. To apply to adopt this gentle fellow, click on the "Adopt Me" icon next to Joey's picture.

Adopt Joey


6 Months old Spayed Female "Sweet and cuddly" mix!

Lily came into ARF' care with her almost twin sister and her five little cousins! A little shy at first, it did not take Lily long to settle into her new foster home and make herself comfortable! Lily is a sweet kitten who enjoys pats and cuddles, and enjoys the company of humans!

Lily loves to play with her sister Pepper. Balls that jingle, soft toys that she can carry, feathers on a stick...Lilly loves them all! Her foster home includes a teenager and a young boy and Lily loves her time with them both. After a good romp, Lily settles in for a snuggle a purr and little nap.

Lily has been fully vetted. She has received revolution for fleas and has been de-wormed. She has had her first vaccines and been microchipped and spayed. Lily is a good eater, and she uses her litter box carefully! To adopt ARF's sweet girl, please click on the 'adopt me' icon beside her name!
Adopt Lily


2 Months old Neutered Male ADOPTION PENDING!

Adopt Mango


3 Months old Spayed Female "Fuzzy ball of energy" mix!

Hello! I'm Meatball and I love to snuggle! I can be very energetic, but I've mellowed lately. Now, I just really love to curl up on my foster mama and run my motor. My foster mama says that my purr is adorable...apparently it's a little squeaky and she says it's cute! I even sleep snuggled up to her at night. I do enjoy a good play with my siblings and love to chase balls and marbles around the house.

I have been spayed, vaccinated, and microchipped. If you need a little love bug in your life, then I'm your girl! Click on the 'Adopt-Me' icon beside my photo to apply.
Adopt Meatball


12 Months old Spayed Female "Laid-back lady" mix!

My name is Nel and I have just started my life. I had a litter of three babies when I was very young myself. I raised those babies until they were good on their own, and now it is my turn to live.

I am a laid back young female who loves the attention of my humans. I am always looking for a good snuggle and I love belly rubs. I currently live in a foster home with two adult cats and one of my babies. My foster mommy says I am starting to live my kitten years. I play hard and enjoy doing a variety of different activities. I also like to snuggle when I am ready to rest. I do well with my litter and never scratch the furniture.

I have been vaccinated, microchipped and spayed. If you want to be my furever home click on the "Adopt Me" icon beside my profile.

PS...I have beautiful big yellow eyes...but every time my foster mommy gets near me with a camera I just want to snuggle!
Adopt Nel


2 Months old Spayed Female ADOPTED!

Adopt Papaya


6 Months old Spayed Female "Cuddly and curious" mix!

Pepper came into ARF's care with her sister Lily and five tiny cousins. A curious and friendly girl, it did not take her long to meet her new foster family and settle in!

Pepper is a busy girl and loves to explore her surroundings. She loves to play with the resident kids, and romp with her sister. Toys, especially balls and anything on the end of a string are her favourite! Pepper would live to be part of a family with kids or another pet or both! She does not have experience with dogs but would probably not take long to get used to one.

Pepper has been totally vet checked and approved. All of the staff at the clinic loved her and talked about her outgoing personality. She has been treated for fleas, and has been de-wormed. She was microchipped, spayed and has had her first vaccines. Pepper is a very tidy cat, and uses her litter box faithfully. To adopt this sweet girl, please click on the 'adopt-me' icon beside her photo.
Adopt Pepper


2 Months old Neutered Male "Adventurous but shy" mix!

Hello, my name is Shrek. I am a brown tabby with white feet and a white tip on my tail. I like to play quietly by myself most of the time but I am always up for a wrestling match with my siblings. I love to chase my ball around and also enjoy ice cubes. I will come for a treat and a pet but otherwise I am a lone wolf. I am a tiny little ball of fur but make up for my size with my big heart.

I have been neutered, microchipped, and received my first set of shots, revolution, and de-worming. I am ready for my "furrever" home! To apply to adopt me, click on the "Adopt Me" icon beside my photo.
Adopt Shrek


12 Months old Neutered Male "Shy and cuddly" mix!

Hello, my name is Thunder. When I first started living with my foster mom, I was very scared and hid for several weeks. Once I was out, I started to learn that humans are not scary. I am still very shy and timid and often hide when new people come to see me. Once I get to know someone, I am very cuddly and love to be pet whenever possible! I lay on my foster mom whenever she lets me so that I can get lots of pets.

I am also very playful and love toys as I am still a growing boy. I am very quiet but I prefer to have a cat friend to play and lay with as I get lonely when I am alone. I am litter box trained and have not had any accidents. I have a scratching post and I use it faithfully.

I have been neutered, vaccinated, micro-chipped, dewormed and have received Revolution. To apply to meet me, please click on the “Adopt Me!” icon next to my photo.
Adopt Thunder


2 Months old Spayed Female "Sweet and spunky" mix!

Hello, my name is Tinkerbell. I am a brown tabby with white feet and a spotted belly. I enjoy a good snuggle with my foster mama and I am a great sleeper. I make very sweet noises while I dream. I like to climb my kitty scratching post and am always looking for a great time with my siblings. I am petite but make up for my lack of size with my big personality.

I have been spayed, microchipped, and received my first set of shots, revolution, and de-worming. I am ready for my "furrever" home! To apply to adopt me, click on the "Adopt Me" icon beside my photo.
Adopt Tinkerbell

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