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12 Months old Spayed Female ADOPTED!

Adopt Cleo


18 Months old Spayed Female "Playful companion" mix!

Hey there! I'm Curly. I one of the bravest and most loving kitties that you will ever meet! I am always willing to explore and meet new friends. I have a big canine foster sister. She bounces a lot and was pretty scary at first, but I'm over it! I was the first to discover the joy of humans after coming into foster care. My foster mama says that's it's really hard to get a nice picture of me because I won't sit still. I just want her to put the camera down and pet me! At night, I get under the covers and snuggle with her and let my motor run! I love to play with my sister, Lara and we are always together, whether we are playing or just relaxing. My foster mama says that my sister and I need each other, so she wants us to find a home together.

I have been spayed, dewormed, vaccinated and microchipped. To add this extremely loving and brave girl to your family, click on the 'adopt-me' icon next to my picture!
Adopt Curly


2 Years old Spayed Female "Sweet and gentle" mix!

Gracie is a 2 1/2 year old muted Calico cat. She came into ARF’s care with kittens, who have long since been adopted. She has been in ARF’s care for some time, and she will require patient and committed adopters.

Gracie is a gentle, sweet girl. She has been in her current foster home for about 9 months and while she is a delight to have in our home, she is ready to find a calm, permanent place to call home. She has made incredible progress, initially spending time in the ceiling in the basement and now relaxing with us on our beds pretty much full-time. She loves treats and the resident cat, and she has learned to love the dog, even letting the dog licks her face without upset. Though she is not a lap cat and prefers that you do not pick her up, she has learned to get her loving when and from whom she’d like. She chatters and purrs loudly during those “love” sessions. She also LOVES to play chase games for cats that you can find for her on YouTube. It is absolutely hilarious.

Gracie is quite smitten with the resident cat, and would probably adjust most easily to a house that had a friendly resident cat with whom she could bond. While she has learned to love the resident dog, who is very cat-friendly, she would probably do best in a home with either an extremely relaxed dog or without a dog. She is very treat motivated and has responded well to encouragement with treats. In fact, she now expects to receive treats whenever the dog is fed. While she still does not like to be picked up, she has learned to be picked up briefly by her foster mom, so getting Gracie to the vet has become less of a challenge.

Gracie has been fully vaccinated, microchipped, and spayed. To apply to adopt this sweet girl, please click on the 'adopt-me' icon beside her photo.
Adopt Gracie


18 Months old Spayed Female "Quiet and loving" mix!

Hello! My name is Lara and I'm a little sweetheart! When I came into foster care, I was really shy and would hide from my foster mama. I wouldn't even come out to eat until I knew she was gone. But now? Well now, I love my foster mama and all her snuggles and pets! I've gotten used to the big, bouncy dog that lives here, although she still scares me from time to time. I love to play with the other kitties and always enjoy a good snuggle with foster mama. I'm much braver than I used to be. I do depend on my sister, Curly, though. We are always together and if she disappears on me, I worry about her. Foster mama says that we should find a forever home together because having a best friend is important!

I have been spayed, dewormed, vaccinated and microchipped. If you're looking for a quiet, loving girl (and her sister!), I'm your match! Click on the 'adopt-me' icon beside my photo to apply.
Adopt Lara

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