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This Weeks Kitty Showings!


4 Months old Female "Sweet and spicy" mix!

Hello Everyone! My name is Aunt Lucy and I came into ARFs care with my brother Paddington! Paddington and I were very tiny but now we are growing and the vet says we are in great health. We are hoping to be adopted together as we are a very bonded pair.

I live with my brother in a fun foster home with four big cats and my foster parents. Their grandkids come to play with us so we are used to lots of activity. I like to make fun on my own though and play with toys and the other cats all the time. I run up and down the stairs and really get the zoomies every morning. My foster mom has made me some special toys that I love to carry around in my mouth. sometimes I share with my brother and sometimes I do not!

I love any and all food, but chicken is my favourite. I am eating kitten dry food but love to sit in the big cat food bowls and sample that too. If someone has potato chips…watch out…I love them!

I have had my vaccines and then my boosters, been micro-chipped, and received Revolution and Strongid for fleas and worms. I faithfully use my litterbox without ever having and accident. To apply to adopt me please click on the icon beside my photo.
Adopt AuntLucy


2 Months old Female "Laid back" mix!

Hello, my name is Cacao! My foster family gave me this name since I'm all black.

I'm a laid-back girl and my favourite thing to do is sit on the windowsill and watch the wildlife. My brother Oreo is a playful boy and I do enjoy a good wrestle with him on occasion! But, my favourite thing to do with him is to curl up for a good cuddle.

Because Oreo and I are the best of friends, we are hoping to find a home where we can be adopted together.

I have been vaccinated, microchipped, and dewormed. To apply to adopt me, click the 'Adopt Me!' icon beside by photo.
Adopt Cacao


6 Years old Spayed Female ADOPTION PENDING!

Adopt Carling


18 Months old Neutered Male ADOPTION PENDING!

Adopt JackSparrow


18 Months old Spayed Female ** Courtesy Post for 4 The Luv of Luna

Hi! I'm Miley, and if you are looking for a friendly and snuggly girl, you're in luck! I love to be around people and am an extremely affectionate little girl.

I live with multiple kitty and doggie friends. I get along well with the other cats but am still cautious of the dogs. A quiet dog would be fine though, I think.

I came into care during a very large snow storm where I was trying desperately to stay alive. I was frozen when I was rescued and quite ill from dehydration and hunger. Thanks to vet care and a lot of love, I am as good as new and ready to find my very own forever family. I love children too. I love anyone that likes to cuddle because that is what I do best.

I have been spayed, vaccinated, dewormed, and have received Revolution. For all adoption inquiries, please contact Angela at angela.balcom@yahoo.ca.
Adopt Miley


2 Months old Male "Playful" mix!

Hello, I’m Oreo! My foster family named me Oreo because I’m mostly black with white patches on my belly and feet.

I can be rambunctious during the day, but I like to snuggle up to my humans at night. My favourite thing to do is play with my sister, Cacao. Because we are such good friends, we would love to be adopted into a home together.

I have been vaccinated, microchipped, and dewormed. To apply to meet me, please click on the 'Adopt Me!' icon beside my photo.
Adopt Oreo


4 Months old Male "Sweet and gentle" mix!

Hi! My name is Paddington. Just Like the bear, I am a curious and fun loving boy. I do not get into as much trouble as he did…I leave that up to my sister. Aunt Lucy and I came in together and we are hoping to be adopted together. We love to play, eat and sleep together.

My foster mom calls me her love bug and her cuddle muffin. I am a bit wary of new people but once I get over my fears I love to snuggle and have my ears rubbed. I enjoy playing with all kinds of toys and have my favourite…a little bouncy ball that lights up! I live with four big cats and enjoy romping with them or snuggling with them on the big cat tree in the sunroom. A romp with my sister is what I love the best and we get the zoomies every morning and run through the house before settling down to groom each other.

I love my food and I share my kitten kibble with my sister. When we get our wet food I share that too. I love it all and have just discovered treats! My foster mom has grandkids who put treats in a little ball and I roll it all over the kitchen to get the treats out. I was afraid of the kids at first but I have learned to trust them and love to play ball and laser light with them.

I have been fully vaccinated with all my boosters, too. I have been micro-chipped, and received Revolution and Strongid for fleas and worms. I use my litterbox faithfully and have never had an accident. To adopt me, please click on the icon beside my photo.
Adopt Paddington


7 Months old Spayed Female "Beautiful Spirit" Mix!

She arrived in ARF’s care with her sibling Carolina who were both rescued from a ditch.

So tiny, Sasha still wobbled when she walked! Sasha quickly became comfortable living in a home with people and other cats. Within a few short days, she could be found climbing on the toilet pipes, or hiding behind a broom playing peek-a-boo with her sister!

While Sasha is a little more timid with people, when left alone she is very confident and loves playing with her sibling. She is learning that the other two adult cats living here don’t always want to play, but she keeps trying!

Sasha loves the whicker cat basket which allows her to watch what’s going on, and stay hidden at the same time. Sasha also loves climbing the sides of it, launching herself off the top to pounce on her sibling below!

She is slowly learning that people can be trusted even if we do move suddenly. And, we give good ear scratches and belly rubs!

Sasha would be happiest with another cat to play with and a quiet predictable house. Preferably with older children or adults only, as she finds young children a little disconcerting.

Sasha's first litter box was a tiny shoe box. Since then she has graduated to a “big girl” box now that she is big enough to climb in:) There have been no accidents at all!

Sasha uses the scratching post regularly, and tolerated her first “pedicure” to keep her front toenails short... as long as I keep the stream of treats coming, she is learning to let me handle her feet for this quick preventative trim.

Sasha is spayed, fully vaccinated, including Rabies, and has received Revolution and dewormer too. She has also been micro-chipped to help keep her safe in case she ever gets out or lost. To apply for this sweet girl, click Adopt me! above next to her photo!
Adopt Sasha


18 Months old Neutered Male "Playful and Snuggly Mix!"

T. Bear came into ARF's care underweight and malnourished. Good quality food and lots of love has certainly made a difference in a very short time! He has adopted well to his new life and is thriving in his new foster home.

T. Bear is a playful young kitty who loves his toys and playing with his foster family. After a good playtime, T. Bear finds a lap for cuddles and snuggles. Although he is the only kitty in the home now, he has lived with another cat in the past and does enjoy the company of another feline. He loves his food, both wet and dry and comes running at the opening of a can!

T. Bear has been fully vaccinated, microchipped and has received Revolution and Strongid for fleas and worms. He has been neutered as well. He uses the litter box faithfully. To apply to adopt this handsome young man, please click on the "Adopt Me!" icon beside his photo.
Adopt TBear


8 Months old Neutered Male "Cuddly and Shy" mix!

Hello, my name is Thunder. When I first started living with my foster mom, I was very scared and hid for several weeks. Once I was out, I started to learn that humans are not scary. I am still very shy and timid and often hide when new people come to see me. Once I get to know someone, I am very cuddly and love to be pet whenever possible! I lay on my foster mom whenever she lets me so that I can get lots of pets.

I am also very playful and love toys as I am still a growing boy. I am very quiet but I prefer to have a cat friend to play and lay with as I get lonely when I am alone. I am litter box trained and have not had any accidents. I have a scratching post and I use it faithfully.

I have been neutered, vaccinated, micro-chipped, dewormed and have received Revolution. To apply to meet me, please click on the “Adopt Me!” icon next to my photo.
Adopt Thunder


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