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6 Months old Spayed Female 'love bug' mix!

Hi there, my name is Gabriella!! I'm every bit as regal as my name, when I arrived I was pretty nervous. I decided staying behind the couch the first week suited me just fine. My foster Mama let me take things at my own pace, never rushing me. When I would stick my head out, I was showered with yummy treats. Now I love to be where she is, if she's on the computer, I have to lay there on the desk, helping her answer emails. When she sits down on the couch, I like to sit just like her. I sit on my bum, with my back along the back of the couch, leaning against her, purring away. Once in awhile if something startles me I will still run to the couch, but very quickly realized, it's okay, nothing bad happens here, so I stay out. My foster Mom says I'm a klepto, whatever that is? She is always missing things and finds them behind the couch. I sleep in bed with my foster Mom, a 100lb and a 17lb dog. My foster Mom says I'm the biggest love bug she's ever seen. I come running for love all the time.

I am fostered with a large dog and small one. I prefer the smaller size right now but that could change over time. The more times I would sit near the big dog or not run and hide when he went by, I got yummy treats again. Mama says I've come so far, she can't believe in only 3 weeks I'm no longer hiding and love affection. Every chance I get I want loving, petting and kisses.

I have had my vaccines, am spayed, have had Revolution for fleas, been microchipped, and am ready for my very own home. Don't get me wrong, I love it here but it's time I found my very own family, not share with the dogs.
Adopt Gabriella


1 Years old Spayed Female 'full of personality' mix!

Hi! My name is Jenga! I'm an extremely playful kitty! I love to play with my toys (especially my toy mouse) and my foster family. Despite my energetic personality I also enjoy curling up on my foster mom's lap for a nap or getting cuddles in the evening from the kid of the house. I have also been told that I have beautiful green eyes. I do have a bit or hair loss on my tummy but it doesn't effect how adorable I am! In fact, I see it as a strength as I don't shed a lot. I'm not shy and love to meet and greet new people!

I can confidently use the litter box and have had any accidents. I don't use my claws on furniture and am very well behaved. I respect the rules of the house try to stay off the table and counters. I like to wag my tail and greet my foster family at the door when they return from work/school. I think I might have been a dog in a former life.

Of course I have received all of my vaccines, am spayed, microchipped, and have been treated with Revolution. I'd love to meet you to see if I would fit in your life.
Adopt Jenga


2 Months old Neutered Male 'snuggle bug' mix!

Hello! I'm Knox. I love to play tag and wrestle with my siblings. Sometimes, we get running really fast and I think that's great fun.

When we aren't playing, I like to just chill. Some of my siblings never seem to stop, but I like to take some time out and recharge. I also like to catch a quick snuggle with my foster mama. I can be quite the little gentleman, when I want to be!

I've been dewormed, microchipped, vaccinated, and neutered. If you're looking for a snuggly playmate, look no further!
Adopt Knox


2 Months old Neutered Male 'people lover' mix!

Hi there! I'm Maddox and I love people. While my siblings are running around and acting crazy, I'm sitting on foster mama's lap. If they run close to me, I'll take a swing at them, but I don't like to leave my post. I've also been known to climb up and sit on foster mama's shoulders!

When not snuggling, I'm wrestling with and chasing my siblings. When I get a burst of energy, look out!!! I'm a very playful boy and love chasing balls, stuffed mice and anything with feathers!

I have been dewormed, vaccinated, microchipped, and neutered. If you need a friend to sit on your shoulder, click "adopt me" next to my picture!
Adopt Maddox


2 Months old Neutered Male 'Energizer bunny' mix!

Hello! I'm Pax. I'm incredibly handsome, in case you didn't notice! I'm also a little ball of energy. I am like a little Energizer Bunny...I just go, go, go! I chase my siblings, wrestle, climb and chase toys. I even play with the Hot Wheels cars that belong to the smaller human. If it moves, I will play with it!

As you can imagine, when you play this hard, you also crash hard! When I'm worn out, I do enjoy a good snuggle with my foster mama. But if I'm not tired, don't bother trying to slow me down...I don't have time for that! I would likely do better in a home that has a playmate for me, since I'm so energetic. Or my siblings are available for adoptions, too! ;)

I have been dewormed, microchipped, vaccinated, and neutered. If you're looking for a ball of non-stop energy, I'm your little handsome man!
Adopt Pax


2 Months old Neutered Male 'zest for life' mix!

Hi! I'm Shiloh. I'm an incredibly energetic boy and love to play. I've recently discovered how fun my foster mama's toes can be!

I love to play with all kinds of toys, including the Hot Wheels cars that the little human plays with!

Foster Mama says I have the saddest eyes that she has ever seen, but don't let that fool you! I'm a very laid back and affectionate boy. I am very bouncy when I play and I'm always making Foster Mama laugh with my sideways leap frog routine!

I don't mind the little human that lives here and although the giant dog and I haven't formally been introduced, she doesn't really bug me too much.

I have been de-wormed, vaccinated, microchipped, neutered. If you're looking for a fun playmate, I'm your guy!
Adopt Shiloh


8 Months old Neutered Male 'gentle ginger' mix!

Hi! My name is Stan. As you can probably tell from my picture I am a very handsome boy (well that is what my foster mommy tells me). She also tells me that I am loveable, gentle and sometimes talkative. Let me explain that last part. I only talk if I donít know where my mommy is, if my mommy asks me questions, if I havenít been feed, and mostly if you arenít petting me when I think I deserve it.

I live in a foster home with my foster mommy and two cats. It took me a couple of days to understand the proper way to ask my furry sister and brother how to play, but I have it down pat now. I always use my litter box and never have accidents. I LOVE to use the scratching post, and donít use my claws in furniture. I love to chase balls that make noise, and this red dot on the floor that I can never catch!

I have been neutered, and am up to date on my vaccinations. I am also micro chipped. If you think I would make a good addition to your family please click on the adopt-me icon! I look forward to meeting you!
Adopt Stan


8 Months old Neutered Male 'shy and cuddly' mix!

Hello, my name is Thunder. When I first started living with my foster mom, I was very scared and hid for several weeks. Once I was out, I started to learn that humans are not scary. I am still very shy and timid and often hide when new people come to see me. Once I get to know someone, I am very cuddly and love to be pet whenever possible! I lay on my foster mom whenever she lets me so that I can get lots of pets.

I am also very playful and love toys as I am still a growing boy. I am very quiet but I prefer to have a cat friend to play and lay with as I get lonely when I am alone. I am litter box trained and have not had any accidents. I have a scratching post and I use it faithfully.

I have been neutered, vaccinated, micro-chipped, dewormed and have received Revolution. To apply to meet me, please click on the ďAdopt Me!Ē icon next to my photo.
Adopt Thunder

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