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12 Months old Spayed Female

Hello! I'm Angelina (or Lina as my foster mom calls me) and I'm the mama to some pretty adorable kittens. I'm barely an adult myself. I've been a very dedicated mama to my babies, but now I'm ready for it to be about me! I'm a shy girl, at first, but am highly food motivated! (It's the way to my heart!!!) I am not fond of the resident dog and quick, small humans scare me, so I would do best in a home without small children and dogs. I am an absolute sweetheart, once I get to know you and well worth the effort!

I won't be having any more babies (I've been spayed), I've been microchipped and my vaccines are up-to-date. If you're looking for a quiet sweetheart, take a chance on me...I'm worth it, I promise! Click on the 'Adopt-Me' icon beside my photo to submit an application.
Adopt Angelina


2 Months old Neutered Male 'rough and tumble' mix!

Cody came into ARF’s care with his mom Dart and 5 siblings at 10 days old, and has thrived in a warm safe environment indoors since, and is now ready for his forever home.

Cody is another one of the rough and tumble boys! He and Rufous are the bold kittens in their litter and are frequently found together. They are the first to go exploring, and the first to find trouble. And, of course, all the cool spots to play! Not content with the “nursery”, they quickly learned how to break out and go exploring, meeting the other adult cat in the home, and make friends.

Cody would be happiest in a busy home with lots of action, and kids or other cat friendly pets to play with. When it is nap time, he is often seen curled up enjoying the comfort of his mom, Dart.

He is eating both softened and regular kibble, drinks water regularly, and uses the liter box without incident. He has received his first nail trim, first set of vaccines, and has been neutered and micro-chipped. To apply to adopt Cody, click on the 'Adopt-Me' icon beside his photo!
Adopt Cody


12 Months old Spayed Female 'loving mama' mix!

Dart and her 5 kittens arrived in ARF’s care at 10 days old, where she has raised them in a warm safe environment indoors since, and she is now ready for her forever home.

Very protective of her babies and a good mom, Dart is very loving, and wants all the attention you can give her. Up until now she has been happy to watch over her kittens, rarely going more than a few feet from them. Now that they have grown up and she is free from having to raise her kids or worry about more, it’s her turn to find a home!

A beautiful brown tabby with elegant markings, she is happy with people around but tends to keep to herself. Not quite ready to play yet, she is happy to rest and watch what is going on around her, content to observe.

She has received her vaccines, and has been spayed and micro-chipped. Dart has also been treated for fleas, worms, ticks, as well as other parasites. To apply to give this beautiful mother a the forever home that she deserves, please click on the 'Adopt-Me' icon beside her photo!
Adopt Dart


2 Months old Spayed Female ADOPTED!

Adopt Erin


6 Months old Neutered Male 'handsome and playful' mix!

Frankie came into care a little nervous and unsure of life. It only took him a few short weeks before he felt comfortable in his foster home and was loving his new life.

Frankie lives in a busy household with a young boy and a teenager to play with. He loves his toys and likes to play with them and a human at the same time. He lets you know when he wants to play by bringing you a toy. He is increasingly playful and interactive with his family which is exciting to see as he had little human contact in his first few months. He loves to cuddle with his humans in the evening.

Frankie loves his big boy food and eats like a champ. He is a tidy wee man, and uses his litter box faithfully and his scratching post! Frankie has been treated with Revolution for fleas, dewormed, and has had his full vaccines. He has been neutered and microchipped, as well. To apply to adopt this beautiful boy, please click on the 'Adopt-Me' icon beside his photo.
Adopt Frankie


2 Years old Spayed Female 'sweet and gentle' mix!

Gracie is an approximately 2 year old muted Calico cat. She came into ARF’s care with kittens, who have long since been adopted. She has been in ARF’s care for some time, and she will require patient and committed adopters.

Gracie is a gentle, sweet girl, but she takes a long time to warm up to people, or even to spend time outside of hiding. She has been in her current foster home for about 4 months, and she is only now feeling comfortable enough to come upstairs for treats and occasionally join a family member on the bed.

She is quite smitten, however, with the resident cat, and would do well in a house that had a cat with whom she could bond. While she tolerates the resident dog, who is very cat-friendly, she would probably do best in a home without pets (other than cats). She is very treat motivated and has responded well to encouragement with treats. She does NOT like to be picked up, so getting Gracie to showings or to the vet can be a challenge. However, she will come to you for petting and enjoys a conversation every once in a while.

Gracie is spayed, up to date on vaccines, and microchipped. She would love to find a patient home to call her own. Might that be your family? To apply to adopt Gracie, click on the 'Adopt-Me' icon beside her photo.
Adopt Gracie


12 Months old Spayed Female 'playful personality' mix!

Hi! My name is Jenga! I'm an extremely playful kitty! I love to play with my toys (especially my toy mouse) and my foster family. Despite my energetic personality I also enjoy curling up on my foster mom's lap for a nap or getting cuddles in the evening. I have been told that I have beautiful green eyes and a sweet disposition. I'm not shy and love to meet and greet new people!

I can confidently use the litter box and haven't had any accidents. I don't use my claws on furniture and am very well behaved- I respect the rules of the house try to stay off the table and counters. I like to wag my tail and greet my foster family at the door when they arrive home; I think I might have been a dog in a former life...

I have been spayed, received my vaccines, am microchipped and have been treated with Revolution. To apply to adopt me, please click on the 'Adopt Me' icon beside my photo! I'd love to meet you to see if I would fit into your life.
Adopt Jenga


6 Months old Neutered Male ADOPTED!

Adopt Pepper


8 Months old Neutered Male 'gentle ginger' mix!

Hi! My name is Stan. As you can probably tell from my picture I am a very handsome boy (well that is what my foster mommy tells me). She also tells me that I am loveable, gentle and sometimes talkative. Let me explain that last part. I only talk if I don’t know where my mommy is, if my mommy asks me questions, if I haven’t been feed, and mostly if you aren’t petting me when I think I deserve it.

I live in a foster home with my foster mommy and two cats. It took me a couple of days to understand the proper way to ask my furry sister and brother how to play, but I have it down pat now. I always use my litter box and never have accidents. I LOVE to use the scratching post, and don’t use my claws in furniture. I love to chase balls that make noise, and this red dot on the floor that I can never catch!

I have been neutered, and am up to date on my vaccinations. I am also micro chipped. If you think I would make a good addition to your family please click on the adopt-me icon! I look forward to meeting you!
Adopt Stan


8 Months old Neutered Male 'shy and cuddly' mix!

Hello, my name is Thunder. When I first started living with my foster mom, I was very scared and hid for several weeks. Once I was out, I started to learn that humans are not scary. I am still very shy and timid and often hide when new people come to see me. Once I get to know someone, I am very cuddly and love to be pet whenever possible! I lay on my foster mom whenever she lets me so that I can get lots of pets.

I am also very playful and love toys as I am still a growing boy. I am very quiet but I prefer to have a cat friend to play and lay with as I get lonely when I am alone. I am litter box trained and have not had any accidents. I have a scratching post and I use it faithfully.

I have been neutered, vaccinated, micro-chipped, dewormed and have received Revolution. To apply to meet me, please click on the “Adopt Me!” icon next to my photo.
Adopt Thunder

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