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This Weeks Kitty Showings!


12 Months old Spayed Female "Lap Warmer" Mix!

Brae came to us after having been abandoned in the worst winter temperatures!

She was quite underweight but has since settled in nicely. Brae shows her gratitude by purring constantly and welcomes any human attention.

Brae seems comfortable around our big dog and loves to play. She is however wary of the other cats so would do best in a home as the only feline. Brae loves to be picked up and lavished with attention.

She uses the scratching post and and litter box and seemed very at home as soon as she arrived.

This little charmer is fully vaccinated, micro-chipped, dewormed and tested negative for feline leukemia. To apply, please click the "Adopt Me" button beside her picture!
Adopt Brae


18 Months old Spayed Female "Quiet and Caring" Mix!

Hello, my name is Camo due to my distinctive tabby stripes and quiet personality:)

I like to perch and watch what's going on, usually to look out the window. I enjoy my space so I stay away from the dog and cats except for the occasional sniff. I play with my kitten Naomie and am great with people!

I love to hop in and out of the bathtub and share a pillow with one of the kids at night:) I'm a very gentle, independent cat.

I always use my scratching post and litter box and am starting to really like kitty toys!

Camo is fully vaccinated, micro-chipped and spayed. She has received Revolution, Strongid and tested negative for feline leukemia. To apply for this wonderful momma cat, click Adopt Me! right beside her photo!
Adopt Camo


8 Years old Neutered Male Gentle & Loving Mix!

Charlee is a quiet cat, who is the calm, respectable cat of his foster household. He loves sitting at the window and watching what is happening outside. Charlee has slept on every shelf on our bookcase and is still looking for his perfect spot!

Charlee is currently in a foster home with four other cats. He loves to be petted but prefers his people to come to him. He has yet to cuddle with his foster family but will sleep on the couch with the other foster cats and people nearby. And, as you can see from his photo, he occasionally helps with homework! J

Charlee has been neutered, micro-chipped, received Revolution and Strongid (dewormer), and is completely vaccinated. He also tested negative for Feline Leukemia. If you can open your heart for this cat, please click on the Adopt Me icon next to his photo!
Adopt Charlee


3 Years old Neutered Male Handsome, Sensitive Mix!

Charlie came into ARF’s care after almost a year outside on his own, always in view of a dedicated ARF volunteer. Although he came to be fed, he always kept his distance until one very cold winter day he just came inside. A serious hip injury hindered his progress as he was not about to let any human come near. He allowed the medical attention he needed and the administering of medication but not one touch.

Slowly he allowed a his foster mom to get nearer and nearer... bolting behind his favorite hiding spot in the basement. He finally took food from her hand and then allowed a pat.

One day last spring he simply came upstairs. With several foster and resident cats to cope with, he has worked through each relationship trying and trying until he got it right. He always kept his eye on the humans. He accepted treats from the grandchildren in the foster home and finally a pat.

Charlie now eats in the kitchen with all the foster lined up in a row. He accepts pats and loves to have his ears rubbed and his chin scratched. He rubs the legs of whoever is dishing up the cat food and purrs like a well oiled machine. He plays with one of the foster cats and sleeps with her as well. He is always startled by the new babies but when they get mobile and climb up to meet him, he carefully grooms them and lets them climb all over him.

Charlie has come far but he still has a way to go. He is looking for a loving home where he will be accepted and where there will be a willingness to work with him and be patient with his baby steps. He is a big boy on the outside but inside he is so shy and sensitive.

Charlie has been micro-chipped, and treated for parasites and fleas and his shots are up to date as well. To adopt this handsome boy, please click on the “Adopt me!” icon beside his name.
Adopt Charlie


9 Months old Neutered Male Love Bug Mix!

Hi, I’m Cupid! I came to ARF with a couple of my pals, and I love to play with them and the resident kitties!

I am usually fairly quiet but certainly let you know when I want some attention! My foster family is surprised at how loud my meow can be for a small guy!

I love to watch the birds in the bird feeder out the front window! I’m really glad my foster Dad put that bird feeder there!

I love to play with my toys, especially furry ones! I will carry those all around the house! If you pick me up, I’ll stay for a short bit, but you see, I am a very busy kitten, and I have things to do and explore!

I get along very well with other cats, and love to snuggle up with them!

I am vaccinated, micro-chipped, dewormed, and eat my kibble and use my litter box like a champ! What are you waiting for? Click the Adopt Me button to the right of my photo!!!
Adopt Cupid


2 Years old Spayed Female Natural Born Nurturer Mix!

This beautiful girl came into ARF care, mothering 4 of her own 1 week old kittens. She adopted an additional 3 kittens who would have died if it wasn’t for her love and mothering nature!

Now that all 7 of her kittens have been adopted, it's her time to find a family she can call her very own!

Gracie is such a gentle soul. She has come so far since she first arrived into foster care. She has ALWAYS been welcoming to new feline friends, as well as canine. But it took her awhile to trust the human kind. NOW, all she wants to do, is be near her foster Mommie!!!

She loves belly rubs, squeaky toys, treats and a little conversation. She enjoys being close to you but not sitting on your lap all day long :) She would be a great companion for another furry friend or the human kind that spends a lot of time at home. As she is social, the ideal family would be someone that is around often, or if away during the day, has another furry friend to keep her company.

Gracie is litter-trained, uses a scratching post and would be a beloved companion for life!

She is spayed, fully vaccinated, de-wormed, Revolution treated, as well as micro-chipped. If you think you would be a great match and able to provide the love and security this beautiful girl needs, click the "Adopt ME" icon beside her photo!
Adopt Gracie


5 Years old Neutered Male "Steal your Heart" Mix!

What a special guy Mr. Mack is! This gentle soul has lived the last five years of his life outdoors, braving the elements and searching for food. He is thoroughly enjoying indoor life and experiencing the love that humans can provide.

Mack can be shy at first but quickly warms up for pats, ear scratches, and ESPECIALLY belly rubs. When he greets his familiar humans he instantly rolls over for a belly rub, purring the entire time! Sometimes he needs to be reminded that he is not a dog (:

Mack lives with other felines and gets along well with all of them. He has a gentle personality and would love a quiet forever home with lots of human attention. Mack has so much love to offer and will make a wonderful companion!

Mack is fully vaccinated, neutered, micro-chipped, and has tested negative for feline leukemia. He is a gentle fellow who will steal your heart. To apply to meet Mack, click on the “Adopt Me” icon beside his handsome picture above!
Adopt Mack


7 Years old Spayed Female Super Friendly Brown Tabby Mix!

Are you looking for a beautiful and affectionate cat that will follow you about?

McGonigle came to us, traveling by crate in a car full of dogs and puppies for many hours, from one of the Northern communities we work with. Her claim to fame is even after all that travel and change, she walked out of the crate purring, so happy to be out and with people.... affectionately rubbing against us as she started to explore her new home.

It did take her a little while to become accustomed to the other kittens and adult cat in her foster home. The three kittens quickly showed her that it is fun to play, and they mean her no harm. While she still prefers the company of people, she has learned to respect the other cats.

She seeks attention from adults and kids alike, whoever has come to visit us. McG would be happiest in a home with older children or adults, someone willing to lavish attention on her.

She uses the litter box and scratching post regularly, and tolerates her weekly “pedicure” to keep her front toenails short. As long as I keep the stream of treats coming, she is content to let me handle her feet for this quick preventative trim.

McGonigle has had a full checkup, a full set of vaccines to help keep her healthy, which she handled like pro, as well as preventative medicine for internal parasites (like worms) and external parasites (like fleas). She has also been micro-chipped to help keep her safe in case she ever gets out or lost.

To apply for this gorgeous gal, click Adopt Me! above right beside her photo!
Adopt McGonigle


7 Years old Spayed Female Purrfect Companion Mix!

Hi! My name is Midnight. I am a sociable, snuggly, and chatty girl who recently moved into a foster home with a large dog, resident cat, and two school aged children. While I confess that I far prefer to talk to and play with the people in my home, I am learning to trust the dog and cat. I can be in the same room with them now and when they start to make me nervous, I just leave the room. It’s all good.

I am a mature cat and respect my new foster home. I always use my litter box! My favorite toy is a cardboard box, so I’m pretty low maintenance, though I sometimes surprise everyone by playing with a more traditional cat toy! Sometimes I enjoy being in a quiet environment, and when I get a little bit spooked I hang out in the places I like to sleep... like under a bed:)

Though I may seem a little shy at the beginning, I really warm up to the people around me. If you are cooking dinner, watching tv, or lying down in bed, I will come pay you a visit. I usually announce my impending arrival by telling you that I am coming. I like to have my head scratched and rubbed. I am always happy when I'm around my people and it shows because most of the time I am purring.

If you are looking for a calm, loving feline, then I think I would be a great fit for your home!

Midnight is fully vaccinated, micro-chipped and tested negative for Feline Leukemia. To apply for this awesome snuggler, simply click Adopt Me! right next to her photo!
Adopt Midnight


9 Months old Spayed Female Loves to Play Mix!

Patches came to us with two other cats, Vixen and Dash. She loves playing and cuddling with her two friends and her toys!

When not playing, Patches is exploring and looking for new places to nap. She is very curious and adventurous and loves looking out of the window of her foster parents apartment.

While Patches likes to be close to people, she would prefer to be the one to do the approaching:) She likes to be pet and scratched under the chin, but does not like being picked up as much.

Patches gets along really well with other cats, especially ones young and playful like herself. She is friendly and will need time to accept new people and places.

This very pretty gal is vaccinated, micro-chipped, dewormed and tested negative for feline leukemia. To apply, simply click Adopt Me! icon to the right of her photo above!
Adopt Patches


3 Years old Spayed Female "Happy to be with You!" Mix

Hello there! My name is Rory! I am a sweet and mellow gal who is looking for someone patient and kind to be my forever family.

I currently live with multiple kitties, children and doggies but truth be told, I think I would prefer to live in a less busy environment. I prefer to just relax and snuggle instead! Living with another quiet kitty friend would be fine though too.

At 3 years old, I am much calmer than a little kitten and I am past my “needing to scratch” phase. I am happy just being with you and love to take very long naps! I do like to play too but am not a busy kitty so lots of lounging for me.

Could I be the one that you are looking for? I do hope so, as I really would love a second chance with you! To apply simply click Adopt Me! icon right beside my photo above!
Adopt Rory


3 Years old Spayed Female Sweet Beauty Mix!

Skittles is a beautiful tortoise shell kitty with orange and caramel splashes, and at the tip of her tail it’s all orange!

When Skittles first came into her new foster home, with her sibling Sookie, she was terrified of everyone, anything that moved, and loud noises. At first she was happy to remain in one room, right at the top of a cupboard, where she felt safe and secure. With a little time and patience, she has become comfortable with humans and content with her indoor life:)

It is easy to get very attached to Skittles as she loves to sit on your lap to receive lots of cuddles and attention. When she gets down, she flops on her back, and looks very cute when she looks up at you.

Skittles has just started learning to play with kitty toys and she enjoys them very much. She loves to wrestle with her sibling Sookie and our resident cats too.

Skittles is being fostered in a busy home with her sibling Sookie, resident cats, and young teenage children. She is a very special little kitty who just needs a some time to adjust to all her new surroundings. Skittles is gaining confidence everyday! She just needs lots of love, a gentle voice and plenty of treats.

Skittles ideal forever home would likely be one without small children, as she can get startled by loud noises. Skittles will be a very good companion cat for anybody, as she follows you around the house.

Skittles is on hard food all the time, but does enjoy a little soft food at night time. Skittles has been spayed, has had her full set of vaccinations, been dewormed and micro-chipped and received Revolution. To apply for this gentle beauty, click Adopt Me icon next to her photo!
Adopt Skittles

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