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This Weeks Kitty Showings!


2 Months old Male "Adorable Adventurer" Mix!

Hi everyone! I'm Aace and I am a very loving, smoochie and gentle little boy. I rock at falling asleep in human arms anywhere, anytime!

I currently live with two children, a resident adult dog and cat, and my brother "Knightt". I like to play and wrestle with the older dog and I am learning all kinds of good things from her:) And it's always playtime with my buddy Knightt!

The cat is very interesting too but not excited about playing with me so off I go to find someone else to play with. The human children are awesome and I follow them everywhere for our outdoor adventures!

I am fully crate trained and sleep there quietly all through the night. I'm working very hard on potty training and have very few accidents. Hurray!

Aace has received first shots, micro-chip, dewormer and Revolution. So if you are looking for an adorable, cuddly pup, Click the ďAdopt meĒ link beside his photo above!
Adopt Aace


12 Months old Spayed Female "Sweet Lovebug Mix!"

Meet Miss Daphnee! This gorgeous girl is a 45 lb. dog with a HUGE heart! Daphnee is super affectionate and loves being close to her humans. She gives out a ton of kisses and full body tailwags at high speed!

Daphne is an extra special girl not only because of her capacity to love, but also because she needs a family who understands her physical needs. Daphne requires daily exercise/doggie play, and medication, to remain healthy due to hip concerns. Many dogs live wonderful and long lives with this problem, so we're sure hoping there is a super super adopter out there who will give her a chance!

Daphnee came into ARFís care extremely underweight and very scared. She is looking for a forever family who will continue with her socialization to help her feel safe in unfamiliar situations. Daphnee loves her humans and looks to them for direction.

Daphnee lives in a very busy foster home with many large dogs. She loves toys and never passes on the opportunity to romp and wrestle with the resident four legged members.

Daphnee requires time to become comfortable around unfamiliar dogs. She enjoys leash walks and off leash hikes in safe areas. Daphnee has excellent recall (:

Daphnee has been spayed, micro-chipped, vaccinated and treated with Revolution. If you embrace positive reinforcement training and have the time and patience to commit to Daphnee, she will reward you tenfold. To meet this little lovebug, click on the ďAdopt MeĒ icon next to Daphneeís picture above!
Adopt Daphnee


3 Months old Female "Fun Family Member" Mix!

Hello folks! I have a short story to tell you about my foster pup Emilee.

This sweetie pie is a lovable gal who strives on having a good old time in her own puppy world. Emilee loves her human and gravitates to every dog she sees. Her tail wags so hard that she almost falls over! I think that if she could talk she would say "hey you, let's play ok?"

She is a petite pup who seems to have a big dog personality and she catches on to what I ask of her very quickly. Emilee's house training is well on it's way to being perfect and she is quite comfortable in her crate when we are not home.

She enjoys her doggie toys, especially the ones that make the most noise of course, and stuffed Kongs with special treats in them.

Emilee dishes out the best kisses and snuggles a person could ask for;) She gives you as much lovin' as you give to her, and by the way, her favourite is belly rubs!
Emilee is a spunky pup that loves her walks and playtime so would be best in a family that can provide an active lifestyle for her.

Emilee is fully vaccinated, micro-chipped, dewormed and received Revolution. If you think Emilee would be perfect as your new family member than please click on the Adopt me! icon beside her precious picture!
Adopt Emilee


3 Months old Male ĎLoveable Guyí Mix

My name is Enzzo! Now letís talk about me... Iíll tell you a bit about myself.

Iím a chocolate lab with some Aussie mix. Iím going to be one big guy when Iím full grown, with a big heart to match. Iím full of fun and mischief, and love to run and play. I live with my foster family Ė two adults, two kids (ages 14 and 12) and the resident dog.

Everybody I meet is instantly one of my best friends but my foster family are the ones I hold closest for now;) (I hope it will be my forever family soon). Iím great with kids and other dogs. Sometimes Iím a little shy around the big dogs, especially if they bark. I feel really brave with my people close by to hide behind.

Iíve got a lot to say, my family always tells me Iím Ďvery vocalí. Playing outside and cuddling are my favorite things to do! I think Iím quite smart (after all I do know how to type:) and have learned how to sit and lie down for a treat.

I have mastered house-training and will ring a bell most times to go outside. Iím a fast learner and already have the basics mastered as long as my people see my cues.

Being in my crate is not fun for me but Iím growing more comfortable in it every day. Iím in it at night and for short periods of time during the day. I do like the yummy treats I get when I go in my crate, which is helping me think it is not so bad. I am very focused on food, so I'm a champ at all my training.

Iím okay with car rides. Usually they make me sleepy and I enjoy a nap. I do like my leash walks and when Iím free in my big yard an have great recall!

Iím fully vaccinated, received Revolution, dewormer and a micro-chip. If you think Iím the pup for you, then click on the ĎAdopt meí logo beside my picture above!
Adopt Enzzo


2 Months old Male "Cute n Cuddly" Mix!

Harry is a calm, quiet and relaxed pup. He enjoys being outside and is doing well with walking on a leash and learning to sit. His recall is quite good for a young pup!

He is currently being fostered with his brother, William. Harry enjoys playing with his sibling! He is curious about and playful with the resident adult dog and cat.

Harry is doing well with both house-training and crate training. He loves likes to be with his humans but has also met lots of neighborhood friends, big and small, including dogs, cats, humans and horses:)

Harry has been vet checked, immunized, micro-chipped and dewormed. He is ready to meet his forever family. Click the Adopt me! icon beside his photo above to apply for this handsome boy!
Adopt Harry


2 Months old Female ADOPTED!!

Adopt HazelMae


5 Months old Neutered Male "Just plain amazing" Mix!

Hi I'm Henree! I am a super sweet and friendly pup who lives life to the fullest every single day!

I was extremely ill when I came into ARF care and wasn't expected to survive. Now I am a healthy 38 lb. handsome guy who gets along with all people, dogs, cats, and even the resident guinea pig!

I am crate trained and do very well out in my foster home too. I ride in the car like an experienced traveller and am house-trained too.

I love to be with my people and shower them with puppy kisses. I am always happy and ready for my next adventure too! I am a very laid back boy who loves to play with other dogs, discover new places ( both on and off leash), and then head home for a much needed nap and snuggle. Looking forward to meeting you soon!

Henree is neutered, fully vaccinated, micro-chipped and received Revolution and dewormer. To apply, click Adopt me! icon above, right next to his handsome photo!
Adopt Henree


5 Years old Neutered Male "Mr. Chill" Mix!

This beautiful fellow will get you out for a daily stroll in his stylish red harness then he'll sprawl on the back porch for a nice long nap:)

We think his favourite activity is riding in vehicles, including the John Deere:) This big guy is about 95 lbs. so he will need his own seat. He'd love to be your co-pilot on short or long trips!

Kawpur enjoys swimming, bit of playtime, yummy treats and hugs from his person. He enjoys the company of the large resident foster dog who is a very laid back guy too! Best without felines for this boy. He's a perfect house guest, completely trustworthy inside his home other than food left out on the kitchen counter:) No accidents, chewing, just lounging on the couch until you return!

Kawpur has all his shots including Rabies, dewormer, Revolution and micro-chip too. He is waiting for his person to arrive and invite him to be part of their family. Apply by clicking Adopt me! right next to his photo above!
Adopt Kawpur


2 Months old Male "Ready to Play" Mix!

Do you love extremely smart and energetic little boys?? Well, that's me!

My foster home has two very fun human kids, a playful resident dog, a cat (not playful:) plus my littermate "Aace". I'm very interested in everything the older dog is doing and learn cool stuff from her all the time. I love playing with the children and enjoy walks or chase games around the backyard.

I am fully crate trained and sleep there all through the night. I've been known to sneak in my crate on my own for a quick nap, on my back, feet in the air! Or I can curl up on a human foot or too:) I am working very hard on potty training with very few mishaps.

Outside is where I want to be, with my foster family or neighbours and their dogs. Curious and looking for adventures is what I am all about:)

I've received my first shots, micro-chip, some dewormer and Revolution. So if you are looking for a smart, cuddly, sweetheart of a pup, click on the ďAdopt meĒ link beside my photo above!
Adopt Knightt


2 Months old Female "Training Superstar" Mix!

Meet Lil - affectionately known as Lily. This girl is as sweet as they come! Lil is a very gentle-natured girl and she absolutely loves spending time with people, both young and old.

Lil currently lives in a busy foster home with several resident dogs, a resident cat, and her litter-mate, Phil. She loves her toys and can often be found playing with the resident dogs or on her own.

After some playtime, Lil loves to snuggle up with her people for a good belly rub and a nap. She also enjoys having quiet time alone in her crate.

Lil is working on lots of new skills in her foster home, like house-training, crate training, and some basic commands. She's highly food motivated and learns very quickly! Lil will be a superstar in training class with her new family.

Lil has received her first set of vaccines, micro-chip, Revolution and has been dewormed. If you think that Lil would be a good fit for your family, please fill out an application by clicking on the 'Adopt Me' icon beside her photo!
Adopt Lil


6 Months old Neutered Male "Handsome Salty Sea Dog" Mix!

Let me introduce me self. Me name be Matey. I be a handsome Salty Sea Dog. I'm missing an eye, but ye can see that it doesnít affect me!

Me be a land lubber livin with a large family with multiple dogs that me loves to play with. Me best mate be a wee lad of seven who has great doggie skills. Me other mates are three cats. They have these powerful cutlass' at the end of their toes. Me smartly learned me lesson. Cats rule and dogs drool! Aarrr!

Yo-ho-ho! Outside is where me loves to be, to run and play, jump and stalk. Me loves to wrestle with me mates, and tussle with me wee lad. Me loves new adventures like meeting new mates at the doggie park. Blimey, that is a lot of fun!

Harrr Harrr Harrr, no worries with the poop deck with me. Me havenít had an accident in the house, even once. Me sleeps in an expen as that is where I spent me time healing from me accident. I be all healed and as good as new.

I be in love with food, me Hearties for sure. Me also loves treats and me work for them too. I be good at the sit command, shake a paw and me learning down too.

I be neutered, fully vaccinated, micro-chipped, dewormed, and have received Revolution.

It is time for me to weigh anchor to be shipshape and to be three sheets into the wind. Set sail to me own destination, me furever home. Are ye my furever home that will provide me with the chance to socialize, love, and commit to using encouragin support only? If ye thinks ye could be me furever loving family home, then click the Adopt me Icon next to me name above!
Adopt Matey


2 Months old Female "Little Miss Sunshine" Mix!

Hi everyone, I'm Millee! I'm a rough and tumble girl with a side of sweet and snuggly. I would love an active home where I will get lots of love and affection!

I used to be a little unsure of new situations but with lots of praise and yummy treats I am happy to explore this big ol' world. Once I'm comfortable in my surroundings, my cuddly side comes out, and I will climb into your lap for a nap.

I am working hard on my house training and basic commands and I go to my crate for naps and at bedtime. I really love wrestling in the yard with my large canine foster sisters and I enjoy meeting the neighbourhood kids for pats and scratches.

I tend to think the kitty's ears and tail are toys and I will nibble them if given the opportunity. I would enjoy having a doggy companion to keep me company but could do without if I get to go on lots of doggy playdates.

Millee has had her first vaccinations, dewormer, Revolution and she has been micro-chipped. If you have room in your heart for this big pup, click the 'Adopt Me' icon next to her picture above!
Adopt Millee


2 Years old Spayed Female "Charmer" Mix!

Hi there! I would like you to meet Pearle. This precious soul came into ARF's care a very shy, scared girl. With time, patience, treats and lots of love she has blossomed into the most loving, snuggly dog.

She wants nothing more than a human to love, to curl up with if you're sick, or to watch a movie together :)

Those soft brown eyes just can't be denied, her gentle pawing to continue her belly rub, her nose bumps on your arm or leg to coax just one more pet. She really does tug at everyone's heart strings whenever they meet her.

Pearle loves going for long walks, exploring all the smells a good trail has to offer. She is quite good on a short leash walk unless she happens to see a squirrel, but after the initial bound, she is easily redirected with a treat back to your side.

Her previous life was a little rough and she will always need a special touch, still a bit fearful of new things. Considering she wouldn't even come in the house the first 2 weeks in foster care, I'd say she has come a long way baby!

She's a definite house/lap dog now. Making up for lost
time I suppose! She does need a bit slower intros to new dogs but certainly does love a good wrestling or running match with a nice playmate once she is comfortable. And while this means she's not quite a dog park dog, if you have a nice, medium energy dog or friends that can get together for some occasional play time with their social dog, that would do her just fine.

Watch her play here!!

If you think you have the dog savvy heart for this precious girl, please click the Adopt Me! icon beside her picture above! She is up to date on all her vaccinations, micro-chipped, spayed and received Revolution and dewormer.
Adopt Pearle


2 Months old Male "Great Cuddler" Mix!

Meet Phil! This happy-go-lucky pup is full of energy and fun. He is a very curious boy who loves to be social. He's really looking forward to finding a forever family that has lots of time to spend with him and can take him on lots of fun adventures!

Phil currently lives in a busy foster home with several resident dogs, a resident cat, and his litter-mate, Lil. He absolutely loves playing with the other dogs in his foster home! He could spend hours playing with toys or having a good game of 'chase' out in the yard with his doggie-companions. Phil would make a fabulous addition to a family who is looking to add a second (or third!) dog to their home.

After some playtime, Phil loves to snuggle up for a nap. He's a great cuddler and enjoys being affectionate.

Phil is working on lots of new skills in his foster home, like house-training, crate training, and some basic commands. He's looking forward to continuing his training with his new family.

Phil has received his first set of vaccines, micro-chip, Revolution and has been dewormed. If you think that Phil would make a good addition to your active family, please fill out an application by clicking on the 'Adopt Me' icon beside his photo!
Adopt Phil


3 Years old Spayed Female "Beautiful Athletic Mix!"

This awesome gal is great with every person she meets!

Poncha plays the "shy card" and then it's all about affection with lots of kisses. She adores her foster moms and follows them everywhere:)

Poncha is a very athletic dog who loves to go for runs, swims and hikes on lead. She does very well in the car, short or long rides. House-trained with no accidents so far and she is quite trustworthy when left alone :)

She lives with another dog and loves her company! Poncha would enjoy a home with another doggy best friend and no felines.

She knows how to sit, lie down and shake a paw and is working on learning some new tricks too!

Poncha is spayed, fully vaccinated, micro-chipped, dewormed and receives Revolution monthly. Poncha tested positive for Heartworm and has received 4 doses of Heartgard. Adopter would take Poncha to Strathroy clinic for her two final treatments, paid for by ARF.

To apply for this beautiful gal, click Adopt me! next to her photo above!
Adopt Poncha


2 Months old Male "Loves to Talk" Mix!

Woof! Woof! How was your day?

My name is Rex and I do like to chat!! I live with my brother Rufus, my foster mom, two teenage daughters and 7 playful feline friends (ok, maybe Iím more playful than the cats are but I love to run with them!).

Playing outside is awesome! I meet doggie friends at the park and love to socialize:) I like visiting the younger children in the neighbourhood as well as I get lots of treats!

Car rides are the best cause we visit other doggie friends and get to have a play date!! When we go out for walks I am on my leash (Iím really good) and love to run in the park (as I am good off the leash too!). When I first meet someone I am rather shy but give me a couple minutes and then Iím ready for some fun!!

Whenever somebody calls my name, I come running and sit for lots of treats! When I manage to get on the couch, I love to curl up with my family for a nap. My crate or some human feet are great napping places too. I sleep in my crate at night and play in my playpen with my brother for part of the day when our humans are away.

My house-training is coming along quite well. With positive reinforcement training and lots of outdoor time, I will be an excellent part of your family!!

I received my first vaccinations, dewormer and have my micro-chip! I weighed in at 16.4 lbs at the vet and hope to get to 70 lbs. Click Adopt me right beside my picture above to apply for sweet, lovable me!
Adopt Rex


2 Months old Female "Happy-go-lucky Smoocher" Mix!

Look out world. Here comes Ruan!

Full-of-beans, fidgety and friendly are just three words used to describe this bundle of awesomeness. Ruan will make you smile, giggle and revel in the beauty and simplicity of sharing a moment with a new found friend.

Ruan lives in a very busy foster home with two dogs, a cat and four human companions. She loves toys, chasing balls, socks and anything else that can be thrown. Ruan never misses the chance to get on the floor and wrestle and kiss someone into submission.

Ruan loves to go out for walks and meet new friends. Sheíd like to get to know the squirrel who runs around the backyard but so far sheís been unsuccessful in securing an introductory meeting, though not from lack of trying:)

Ruan plays well with her foster family but she also enjoys her down time. When not running around, Ruan can be found sprawled out either at the feet of her human family or in a quiet place by herself.

Crate training is going well and Ruan will walk right into her crate at bedtime. House-training is all but 100%, she's a smart cookie!

Ruan, affectionately called Roo, Rooster and Smackaroo (she loves to give kisses) by her foster family, is looking for a family who needs a happy-go-lucky girl with tons of love and attention for everyone. To apply, simply click Adopt me! beside her photo above.
Adopt Ruan


2 Months old Male "Prancing and Dancing" Mix!

Hi Iím Rufus! Iím a smart, playful, social and lovable puppy!!

My brother Rex and I have great fun playing with our toys! We live with my foster mom, two teenage daughters and 7 feline friends. My humans play chase and Hide n Seek in our fenced backyard and enjoy taking me for walks (Iím really good on and off the leash). Car rides are lots of fun! We visit people and other doggie friends too.

My favourite activity is playing with the younger children in our neighbourhood. Playing and running with the big dogs at the doggie park is awesome and tiring:) When itís nap time I like to sleep with my humans on the couch or on the floor at their feet.

My crate is a really nice and cozy place! I sleep there at night and enjoy playing in my expen for a couple of hours when my humans are not home. I am mostly house-trained, and can sit and love getting treats for coming to my name!

Sharing my food and treats is no problem! I am a very gentle young man! With my positive reinforcement training, and lots of exercise, I will be a great addition to your family!!

I've received my first vaccinations, dewormer and my micro-chip! I weighed 14.7 lbs at my vet visit and still growing:) I'm aiming for 65-70 lbs when I'm all grown up! I would love to become a part of your family so just click the Adopt me icon right beside my photo above!
Adopt Rufus


14 Months old Spayed Female ADOPTION PENDING!!

Adopt Siri


2 Years old Spayed Female "Apple of Your Eye" Mix!

Are you looking for a devoted friend? Someone who can tag along on your adventures, your car rides, your walks in the woods? A companion who thinks you're the best ever, and who is the apple of your eye in return? Then Stella may be just the gal you're looking for.

She loves her leash walks, pulling a bit in her excitement to be off and exploring, but listening well and settling in as she goes. Stella enjoys her runs off-leash too, where she has the chance to show off her recall skills. She loves to swim too!

Stella is a happy, active girl who loves to be busy when you're busy, and settle down beside you when you put your feet up at the end of the day. She is good with all ages of humans.

She is awesome in her crate and of course house training is simply perfect!

Stella looks to her humans for guidance and support in new situations where she isn't yet comfortable. With kindness and patience, Stella's forever home will help her to blossom.

She currently lives with multiple resident and foster dogs and is good with the felines at her 'grandma's house:) Stella loves to mother the new puppies fostered in her home, and would be a marvelous companion for a smaller dog.

She does require careful introductions to bigger and more boisterous doggie friends, as she can be a bit anxious about their intentions at first. Once she feels safe though, she loves to play, play, play. A glass-half-full kind of gal, Stella's curiosity and happy go lucky personality are sure to bring many smiles to the faces of her forever family.

Stella is spayed, fully vaccinated, micro-chipped and receives Revolution monthly. She's approximately 65lbs. To apply for this gorgeous gal, click Adopt me! beside her photo above!
Adopt Stella


2 Years old Neutered Male "Mr. Happy Tail" Mix!

Whistler is a big lovable goofball:) He loves to spread out on the couch, slither on to the floor and then on to the dog bed during his long naps.

He loves to put his head on his foster dadís lap for lots of pets and enjoys snuggling into small spaces for a snooze:) He is a vocal player and loves to wrestle with the resident canine.

Whistler is fine to be left in our bedroom with the resident canine when we need to go out. He sleeps in our bedroom, in an open crate, on the floor or a spot on the bed if available.

Whistler lives with felines and will join in a game of chase. He will bark if hissed at but otherwise lives in harmony with our cats.

He is a very happy boy who gives lots of happy tail wags when greeting visitors or if humans Ďchatí with him:)

Whistler is neutered, fully vaccinated, micro-chipped and received Revolution and dewormer. He will be a wonderful addition to an active family with time to head to the park, in any weather. To apply for this handsome boy, click Adopt me! right beside his photo above!
Adopt Whistler


2 Months old Male "Adventurous n Energetic" Mix!

"Willy" loves to run, inside and out! He is always up for playing with his brother, Harry, and toys.

He loves meeting new friends, big and small, two and four legged. William is also doing well with house-training, crate training and walking on a leash.

Willy is quite interested in playing with the adult resident dog and cat. He has good recall and is on his way to learning to sit, for a cookie of course!

William has been vet checked, immunized, micro-chipped, and dewormed. He is awaiting his forever home that would keep him active. To apply, click the Adopt me! icon beside his photo above!
Adopt William


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