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8 Months old Neutered Male "Wags n' wiggles" mix

Hey everybody! My name’s Arlo and I bet you haven’t met a friendlier guy than me! I am living in foster care with 2 humans, a playful dog and multiple felines. I’m just a young fella so I have tons of happy energy and love my daily walks and play time with the resident pooch. I am curious about the kitties I live with but really can’t be bothered with them. A good chew bone, antler, or toy will keep me busy, and it’s what I need as I grow through my puppy stage. I sleep in my crate at night and when my humans go out for short periods in the day. I am learning all sorts of new things, like going outside to do my business, and I’ve done very well in such a short time.

I really love being around my people and will give plenty of kisses to anyone in my path. However, I am still learning not to use my mouth when I play, so I would be better suited for a family without small children. It would be great to find an active forever family to continue with my positive training and has the schedule that allows me to spend lots of time with them. I have been neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and de-wormed. If you want to meet a lovable goofball that will capture your heart and always be by your side, just click on the ‘adopt-me’ icon beside my handsome photo to apply.
Adopt Arlo


12 Months old Neutered Male “Happy-go-lucky” mix

If you’ve been looking for that furry best friend who will be by your side, hang-out with you on the couch watching movies, or get you walking the nature trails, then look no further! Bailie is a great companion and loves all people. He is living in foster care with one human and 2 kitty friends whom he respects. Bailie is a large breed mix, so being just under a year old he is still really a puppy. For this reason he would be best in a forever home with children aged 10 or older so that when he wants to give them a goofy hug they will know how to hug back. This guy has a ton of love to give!

Bailie is housetrained and sleeps through the night in his foster mum’s room, usually on the cool floor or on a dog bed. He is learning to settle in his crate when left for short periods, and likes his stuffed Kong toy or chewing on a doggy bone. Bailie is still getting used to car rides, as he previously had little experience with this, however he is making wonderful progress with each outing. Daily walks and exercise or trips to the dog park are a must for this active dog so that he can balance out with power naps. Bailie is a loving companion and shows his affection often.

Bailie is neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and has been de-wormed. To meet this joyful package of fun, please click on the ‘adopt-me’ icon beside his handsome photo to apply.
Adopt Bailie


16 Months old Spayed Female "Bashful beauty" mix

Have you ever known a sweet little child that hides their face when new people come to visit? Well that’s what our beautiful Cregagh is like. This lovely dog is looking for a family that will be patient with her fears and help continue her journey toward knowing just how great life is. Cregagh is living in foster care with an attentive family that includes teenagers, multiple resident dogs and a feline. She is house trained and sleeps through the night on a dog pillow. She loves the other canines in her foster family and feels most secure when they are with her. A good game of chase in the yard is her favourite pastime.

Cregah is an especially shy dog and will spook easily, where her reaction is to leave the room or hide. She relates well to adults but for some reason teenagers sometimes cause her a bit of worry. For this reason she would be most comfortable in a forever home without children where the adults are committed to working on positive ways to increase her confidence. Cregagh is a sweet dog who, despite any past experiences, just wants to fit into a family that will love her and keep her warm and safe. When given a chance at calm introductions, she is a happy, content and loyal companion, often wanting to snuggle with her humans.

Cregah has been spayed, vaccinated, microchipped and treated with de-wormer. If you would like to open your heart and home to this very loving girl so that she can continue to blossom, please click on the ‘adopt-me’ icon beside her photo to start the application.
Adopt Cregagh


2 Years old Neutered Male "Love machine" mix

Who needs a big hug? Heyman is more than willing to oblige you! This great guy is all about affection and showing you that he can be your very best friend for life. Hayman is a large breed mix and was an outdoor dog in his previous home. He is now getting used to all the comforts of a house, sleeps nicely on a dog pillow or the cool floor and is fully house-trained. He loves his daily walks and often stops to take in the smells and sights. Heyman loves to meet other dogs and is also very patient and affectionate around children. He is looking forward to having a forever home with a fenced yard to play in. Heyman lives with 2 cats in his foster home, but since they are shy he has not had much of a chance to get to know them. His energy level is very calm and he is a pleasure to train using a positive treat or reward.

Heyman has been vaccinated, neutered, microchipped and de-wormed. He has tested positive for heart worm, so he is hoping to find a loving forever home that can accept him now as a foster-to-adopt family member. This means that ARF will provide for his medical care until he has completed the necessary treatment, at which time the adoption will be finalized. To meet this happy and lovable boy just click on the ‘adopt-me’ icon beside his photo and apply.
Adopt Heyman


19 Months old Spayed Female "Social butterfly" mix

Well hello there! I'm Isabella and I'm one happy rescue dog! I am looking for a home OUTSIDE OF THE CITY OF LONDON. My foster mom says I "exude happiness". I'm not sure what that means but I know my tail is always wagging and I love life. I was very thin and sick when ARF rescued me. I'm feeling great now and have an abundance of energy at all times!

My top ten list of things that keep me happy include: humans, playing with my canine buddies, long walks, swimming, car rides, off leash hikes in safe areas, squeaky toys, rawhides, peanut butter filled kongs, and most of all, snuggling with my humans! I've been told I'm a very active and social butterfly and often my excitement gets the better of me. I LOVE treats and these help to reinforce those things called "manners". I'm working hard and I am a good student since I'm very food motivated. I've already earned an A+ when it comes to crate training, leash walking, recall, and expert couch cuddling.

I am fully crate trained and my crate is a great place to spend some time when my humans are gone. I am a busy gal and there are SO many things to explore. I sometimes forget what is acceptable to chew so enjoying a rawhide in my crate not only keeps me safe but my foster family's belongings too!

Canine buddies are fantastic but cats are definitely not my cup of tea. I am looking for a kitty free home without young children as I can be too exuberant and jumpy for small humans. I also have a hard time remembering that food and treats are not just for me so I'm looking for a dog savvy adopter who understands how to manage resource guarding safely and effectively.

I am spayed, vaccinated, micro-chipped and ready to find my forever family. I am extremely food motivated so training is lots of fun. If you are looking for a companion full of energy and affection, then I just might be your girl! Click on the "Adopt Me" icon next to my picture to apply.
Adopt Isabella


6 Years old Spayed Female ADOPTED!

Adopt Nadirah


2 Years old Neutered Male ADOPTION PENDING!

Adopt Nimky


5 Years old Spayed Female "Red velvet" mix

Rouge is a beautiful gal that will make you smile and steal your heart at first sight! Her soft and shiny ginger coat draws attention from passers-by while out on her daily walks. Being a bit shy though, you'll need to give her a little time to get acquainted with new doggy pals. Once comfortable with other pooches she is the life of the party, and enjoys her play time with them. She is living with 3 female resident dogs in her foster home, and socializing occupies her days. She also loves long car rides, especially when given the opportunity to let her ears whip in the wind

Rouge will thrive with an energetic family who loves to get outside, no matter the weather. This girl loves meeting new people of any age and her excitement shows as she approaches you with her swinging happy tail. There is no way someone can walk past her without her saying hello! She is also a great snuggler and appreciates affection.

Click here to see a video about Rouge!

Quick with kisses and a desire to please, Rouge is both house and crate trained. She is looking for a forever home that is kitty-fee and has a fenced in yard. Rouge has been vaccinated, microchipped, spayed and has received Revolution. If you can provide this loving companion with a second chance at a happy life, please click the ‘adopt-me’ icon to start your application.
Adopt Rouge


10 Months old Neutered Male "Trusty sidekick" mix

This little cutie is Sammy! He's an energetic, small breed guy, who is searching for a home where he can love and be loved. Sammy adores being part of a family and is good with children, but as he is still learning to patiently wait for attention, he would be best suited to a home without little ones.

Sammy has made great strides in his training during the short time he has been in foster care. He is food motivated and excited to learn and has already mastered house and crate training. His leash manners are coming along and we are sure with a little more work, he will have this perfected as well!

Sammy is on the hunt for a home with a fenced in backyard, where he can spend sunny afternoons running around playing fetch for hours. Sammy currently lives with two dogs and enjoys making new furry friends, when given the chance to do slow introductions. If you think this spry little man could be the prefect addition to your family, just click on the ‘adopt me’ icon to apply. Sammy has been vaccinated, micro-chipped, de-wormed and neutered.
Adopt Sammy

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