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12 Months old Spayed Female "Sweet as honey" mix!

This gorgeous gal is Abbie. An adorable mix of smart and sweet, who will steal your heart from the get go. Currently living with three adults, two children, two dogs and a couple cats, Abbie gets along well with them all!

Since coming into ARFís care Abbie has made lots of progress on her crate training and is completely house trained. Although still a bit nervous on a leash, Abbie has made great strides in this area. She is hoping to find a family that will continue to work on her loose leash walking skills and help her develop her confidence while on lead. As Abbie is high energy dog, she will require lots of regular exercise, along with a fenced in back yard where she can run free. At times Abbie does need to be reminded to stay down when her excitement takes over, but with continued positive reinforcement training we are sure she will learn in no time.

Click here to see a video about Abbie!

If you are looking for an active pup who also loves to cuddle, then look no further. Abbie is ready to find her forever home and hopes you may be it. Abbie has been spayed, vaccinated, micro-chipped and dewormed. To apply for this lovely lady, simply click the Ďadopt-meí icon beside her photo.
Adopt Abbie


4 Months old Neutered Male "Nature lover" mix!

This incredibly cute fuzz ball of energy is Ed. Although this little man came into ARFís care frightened and shy, he has quickly come out of his shell and now enjoys the company of his humans and meeting new people of all ages. In fact, Edís favourite thing is to cuddle up at nap time, letting out a big happy sigh as he snuggles in close.

Currently living in foster care with three large dogs, Ed fits in well and plays nicely with all of them! Ed is working hard on his house training and is starting to give signals when he needs to go out. Ed is also learning all about loose leash walking and since he is very food motivated, we are sure he will have it down in no time.

A fenced in backyard would be preferred for this little guy as he loves to run, explore and lay outside. If you are an active family and would like to give Ed his forever home, click the Ďadopt-meí icon beside his photo to apply. Ed has been neutered, micro-chipped, dewormed and vaccinated.
Adopt Ed


12 Months old Neutered Male "Red rover" mix!

Who says blondes have more fun? Flynn is a ginger pup who will prove that red is best on any day of the week! He is a happy character who is enjoying all activities in foster care, including the company of a resident dog. He does not have feline friends figured out however, so probably needs to have a kitty-free adoptive home. Flynn is still getting used to his new life, and his foster family is helping him to understand that there will now always be food and water for him. With love, encouragement and positive training he will soon gain that confidence and leave the worry behind.

Flynn enjoys his daily walks and has become used to his route, knowing in advance just where to turn to get back home. He greets people with vibrant tail wags and loves to play outdoors or in the yard. This guy will also keep you warm on the couch and cuddle right in! He will be a loyal member of his adoptive family and would enjoy being with children too. Flynn is housetrained, and is great in his crate but would likely do just as well sleeping on a dog bed at nighttime.

Flynn has been vaccinated, neutered, dewormed, received Revolution and microchipped. He is so looking forward to meeting his forever humans so that he can start a new adventure and know that home is always where he will belong. If you would like to meet this dashing red devil, please click on the adopt-meí icon beside his photo to apply.
Adopt Flynn


12 Months old Spayed Female "Mover and shaker" mix!

Hi folks! You must know that my name describes me perfectly. Yes, Iím just like that sweet stuff made by the bees. Iím pretty professional at cuddling and love all people. I am hoping to find a family that likes to spend lots of time with me as Iím only just getting used to being left alone. You see, Iíve waited a long time for a family to love so I just want to be close.

I love going on walks, enjoying a good snooze, or snuggling up beside you on the couch. One fun and quirky pastime of mine is to collect items from around the house, including the catís bowl, and bring them all back to my bed. My humans always put everything back, I think so that I can start the game all over again. I have mastered house and crate training and am now working on my leash manners. I do take some time to warm up to new animals, but with patience and slow introductions I handle this just fine. I would love it if my forever family would continue to help me practice this so I can build my confidence and hang out with more buddies.

As I do love being outside, a fenced-in yard is a must for me. My energy and smooches can be a bit fast-paced, so little children might find it to be a bit much. However, Iíve got plenty of love to share and a heart of gold for just the right family. I have been spayed, microchipped, dewormed and vaccinated. To meet me and experience my "Honey sweetness", just click on the Ďadopt-meí icon beside my photo.
Adopt Honey


1 Years old Spayed Female "Social butterfly" mix!

Well hello there! I'm Isabella and I'm one happy rescue dog! I am looking for a home OUTSIDE OF THE CITY OF LONDON. My foster mom says I "exude happiness". I'm not sure what that means but I know my tail is always wagging, I'm always smiling and I absolutely love life. I was very thin and sick when ARF rescued me but now I'm feeling great. I'm a medium sized dog with a gorgeous girly figure now. Foster mom says I'm absolutely beautiful, inside and out!

My top ten list of things that keep me happy include: humans, playing with my canine buddies, long walks, swimming, car rides, off leash hikes in safe areas, squeaky toys, rawhides, peanut butter filled kings, and most of all, snuggling with my humans! I'd say I'm a pretty well rounded gal.

I've been told I'm a very social butterfly. Foster mom gives me tasty liver treats when I remember to sit nicely and remember those things she calls "manners". Humans are just so amazing and sometimes I get a little too excited. Foster mom says I'm working hard and I'm a very good student. I've already earned an A+ when it comes to crate training, leash walking, recall, and expert couch cuddler.

I'm a bubbly girl who loves to go places and get lots of exercise and stimulation. I'm looking for a kittie free home with an active family, who will include me in their daily activities without too much alone time. I'm spayed, fully vaccinated, and micro-chipped as well. If you're looking for an energetic canine friend with loads of loving personality, all it takes is a click on the "Adopt Me" icon next to my picture to get things started. Looking forward to meeting you!
Adopt Isabella


3 Months old Spayed Female ADOPTION PENDING!

Adopt Jenga


4 Years old Neutered Male "Perfect gentleman" mix!

Hello my name is Kodah and I am a very sweet, gentle and quiet pup. Life since my rescue has been great and I have started to let down my guard and trust. I am still cautious when meeting new people, but once I know you are friendly I am happy to accept lots of petting and attention. I happily curl up on the couch when my human needs to be out of the house and quietly wait for them to return home. I enjoy the company of other animals and especially love going to the dog park and playing with my canine friends.

Although I am a healthy boy in every way, I am heartworm positive. Iím not the least bit worried though, because a few medications and vet treatments will fix me right up. Because this takes a while to complete, Iím looking for a very special forever family that will welcome me into their home to love as a foster dog first, while having my treatments and then sign my adoption papers when all is done.

Since I am a calm boy who enjoys relaxing I am hoping to find a laid back environment in my forever home. For this reason, I would be best suited to a family without small children. I have been neutered, vaccinated and micro-chipped. To apply to add me to your family, just click the 'adopt-me' icon beside my photo.
Adopt Kodah


10 Months old Spayed Female "Playing for keeps" mix!

This gorgeous raven-haired gal is Marya, an affectionate and fun loving dog who enjoys getting out to hop around in the snow. She never tires of playing tug-oí-war with her favourite rope toy but also enjoys quiet snuggle time on the sofa. At night she will sleep soundly in her comfy crate for up to 8 hours at a time and is fully house trained.

Marya is motivated by kind words and lots of treats and is working hard on her manners when happily greeting people and while walking on lead. Marya enjoys the outdoors and appreciates loads of exercise, so frequent walks should be built into her day. A yard to hang out in would also be right up her alley! If meeting new canine pals, she will require slow introductions so that she can work toward having fun play times. This large girl is such a goofy bundle of energy that she might be a bit too much for small children. She is a clever pup and will be a loyal best friend.

Marya is hoping to find a forever home that will be excited to help her continue her training, and support her with lots of loving and positive rewards. She has been vaccinated, spayed, microchipped and canít wait to meet you, so please click the Ďadopt-meí icon beside her photo to apply for adoption.
Adopt Marya


2 Years old Spayed Female ADOPTED!

Adopt Puppy


4 Years old Spayed Female "Lovin' hound" mix!

Rouge is a beautiful gal that will make you smile and steal your heart right off the hop! Pinterest doesn't interest her but she will snuggle with you while youíre checking your Boards and new Pins. She loves long car rides, especially when given the opportunity to let her ears whip in the wind. Rouge also enjoys her daily walks, any park will do! Being a bit shy though, you'll need to give her
time to get acquainted with new pals. She has made lots of friends but no Facebook for this gal.

Living with three female dogs in her foster home is no small task. Lots of doggie play and socializing takes up her days! Rouge will thrive with an energetic family who loves to get outside, no matter the weather. This girl loves meeting new people of any age and her excitement shows as she approaches you with her swinging happy tail. There is no way someone can walk past her on a walk
without her saying hello!

Click here to see a video about Rouge!

Quick with kisses and a desire to please, Rouge is both house and crate trained. She is looking for a forever home that is kitty fee and has a fenced in yard. She has been vaccinated, microchipped, spayed and has received Revolution. If you can provide this loving companion with a second chance at a happy life, please click the Ďadopt-meí icon to start your application.
Adopt Rouge


9 Months old Neutered Male 'Splish splashing' mix!

Hey everyone, I'm Russel! Right now, I am living in a foster home with two adults and one resident dog, who I adore. I can be a bit shy at first around new people and doggie friends until I get to know them, but then I open up and let them see my fun loving side. I love to play! Whether its a good game of tug-of-war, fetch or even a good splash around in the tub. Who knew getting clean could be so much fun!

Since coming into my foster home, I have learned to be quite comfortable in my crate and now sleep soundly through the night. I am told that my house training is coming along nicely and with a little more work and positive praise I should be good to go. When out on walks I do my best to not pull, but sometimes my excitement takes over. There's just so many fun new things to experience!

If you are looking for a cheerful companion who also enjoys a good snuggle, then I'm your guy! I have been neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and de-wormed. Simply click the 'adopt-me' icon beside my photo to start the adoption process.
Adopt Russel


2 Months old Spayed Female ADOPTION PENDING!

Adopt Sage


6 Months old Neutered Male "Curious and cuddly" mix!

Hi, my name is Tootsie and Iím looking for a special family to love forever. I am housetrained and crate trained and love my toys. I also like spending time playing games of chase, tug and hide and go seek. My play style isnít for everyone though, as I am more of a rough and tumble guy, so a home without small animals or children would be best.

My forever family will need to have lots of time to spend with me. You see I am working really hard on my training in some areas and am told that consistency is key. It would be great if I could find an experienced dad or mum who can help me continue to work on my manners while doing introductions on leash or while separated by a barrier. I am also trying to become a more relaxed chill dude, but these things take work. Your efforts will not go unrewarded though. In exchange you get me, a furry friend for life, who will be a loyal and loving partner in crime.

So, whatíd you say? Could you be that extra special home I have been looking for? Click the Ďadopt-meí icon beside my photo to apply. I have been neutered, micro-chipped, vaccinated and de-wormed.

Click here to see my appearance on Rogers Daytime London!
Adopt Tootsie

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