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This Weeks Kitty Showings!


2 Years old Spayed Female "Sweet and calm" mix!

Hello everyone my full name is Ms. Aisha Greyjoy. Prior to coming into foster care, I was abandoned and spent most of my days searching for food. I am still focused on this activity but my foster parents are working to teach me that I am safe and food is plentiful.

Currently, I live with my foster brother, Benny. Due to my focus on food we always eat in different locations of the house. When food is not around, we are good roommates and always respect each others' space. Although I don't share food with other dogs, I do share with humans. My foster mom can take things from my mouth and put her hand in my bowl.

When meeting new dogs out in our community I am calm and allow them to sniff me. Benny is showing me how to have fun and just enjoy being a dog. This will take time as I learn that there is more to life than survival.

Despite being on my own, I have some important skills that make me a great companion. My foster family says I am a dream to take for a walk on the leash and with the help of treats I have good recall when off leash. I am great in the car and just nap in the back while you drive. Inside the house I am very quiet and rarely make a noise. I give the most gentle kisses and love a good belly or ear rub. I am also house trained.

I have learned some new skills like how to sit, how to come, and how to sleep in my crate. I hope my new family will take me to training classes so I can continue to learn with positive reinforcement and counter conditioning.

I have been de-wormed, micro-chipped and received my vaccinations as well. To apply to adopt me, please click on the ‘Adopt Me!’ icon beside my photo!
Adopt Aisha


2 Years old Spayed Female "Brindle beauty" mix!

Well helloooo there! I see my gorgeous picture has caught your attention. Foster mom says I have an awesome personality to match my good looks and I'm one smart gal. She also said I should let you know what keeps that smile on my face so I've given it some serious doggy thought:

1. PLAY. Number one on my list! Whether it's tug, fetch, chase, or wrestling, I'm all for it. When I hear the word "PLAY" my ears perk right up….well at least one of them (:

2. HUMANS. Any two legged creature who plays with me, cuddles with me, and gives me treats is the absolute BEST in my books. I reward their awesomeness with lots of kisses. It's the least I can do (:

3. LEASH WALKS. I'm a pretty chill gal on a leash and like to take in all the new smells and fresh air. Who wants to rush a good thing? I also get liver treats when I look at foster mom when we're passing new doggies. A total bonus!

4. CAR RIDES. Not only do I get to go to safe off leash places but foster mom pushes a little button and voila! I'm suddenly engulfed in a surge of scent filled air blowing against my face! Incredible!

5. DOGS. Doggy friends are a must but I like to take my time when meeting new buddies. Once I give them the paws up, I've been told I'm a pretty great playmate. Cats are definitely NOT my cup of tea and I much prefer the four leggers who bark and wag their tail (:

6. MY CRATE. Yeppers….I love my crate! Foster mom say that it keeps me safe when she's not home. All I know is that it always has something wonderful in it like a rawhide and is a great place to chill and sleep! I highly recommend it!

7. TREATS. I think I have my humans fooled. I get treats for doing things that make foster mom happy. What could be easier? Silly humans (:

Foster mom says I did a great job on my list and should be sure to give it to anyone who would like to meet me. They just need to click on the "Adopt Me" icon next to my picture. Foster mom said I should also mention that I'm spayed, fully vaccinated, and microchipped. I've also been treated for heartworm. Well, I've got some serious dog play to catch up on so it's time to sign off! Hope to meet you soon!
Adopt Chachi


3 Months old Female "Fun Family Member" Mix!

Hello folks! I have a short story to tell you about my foster pup Emilee.

This sweetie pie is a lovable gal who strives on having a good old time in her own puppy world. Emilee loves her human and gravitates to every dog she sees. Her tail wags so hard that she almost falls over! I think that if she could talk she would say "hey you, let's play ok?"

She is a petite pup who seems to have a big dog personality and she catches on to what I ask of her very quickly. Emilee's house training is well on it's way to being perfect and she is quite comfortable in her crate when we are not home.

She enjoys her doggie toys, especially the ones that make the most noise of course, and stuffed Kongs with special treats in them.

Emilee dishes out the best kisses and snuggles a person could ask for;) She gives you as much lovin' as you give to her, and by the way, her favourite is belly rubs!
Emilee is a spunky pup that loves her walks and playtime so would be best in a family that can provide an active lifestyle for her.

Emilee is fully vaccinated, micro-chipped, dewormed and received Revolution. If you think Emilee would be perfect as your new family member than please click on the Adopt me! icon beside her precious picture!
Adopt Emilee


3 Months old Female "Mellow" mix!

Kye is a beautiful mellow mix whose only mission in life is to be your best friend. She has soft fur and her eyes would melt Frosty the snowman with just a mere glance.

Kye lives in a very busy household with 4 humans, 2 dogs and a cat. She likes to go for walks with her human siblings and is always up for a game of fetch, especially if it’s a squeaky toy. Kye is cuddly and likes to lie at anyone’s feet or, if she can get away with it, across their laps on the couch. She’s a great little supervisor and will actively participate in cleaning chores like vacuuming, mopping and sweeping.

When she’s not busy hanging out with the humans, she’s actively playing and socializing with the two resident dogs. She will often initiate a wrestling match in the middle of the living room with anyone that walks her way, even the cat.

Kye is house trained and welcomes any opportunity to get outside. She is working hard at her crate training and loves her crate to be soft and comfy with lots of blankets and toys.

Kye is a gift to have around the house. She’s inquisitive, smart, calm, loving and generous with her affection. She will be the perfect best friend to share your secrets, dreams and life adventures with.

Kye has been vaccinated, microchipped, and dewormed. To apply to meet Kye, please click on the 'Adopt Me!' icon beside her photo.
Adopt Kye


7 Years old Spayed Female "Just look at that face" mix!

Thank-you to the dozens of families who have applied to meet LadyPug! Due to this fortunate response, we are no longer accepting new adoption applications for LadyPug.

Hello folks, I would like to introduce you to Ladypug. She is a sweet gal who is estimated to be 7 or 8 years old.

Ladypug came into ARF's care 2 weeks ago and has settle in her foster home very nicely. Every day brings out a part of her character. She has a wonderful fun personality, and one of most loving and kind dogs I have ever met.

Although she is quiet she will also come a running to any excitement in the house and join in with her curly tail wagging. Ladypug is well socialized with other dogs and adores her humans. This cutie pie has very little requirements and I will put them in priority.

1. Food
2. Sitting on the couch with her beloved human.
3. Ear and belly rubs
4. Car rides
5. A stroll around the neighbourhood everyday.

That's it, easy peasy right?

Ladypug is crate trained and her house training skills are almost perfect. She has been a joy to take care of and her foster family love her to pieces and so will you!

The wonderful veterinarians that examined Ladypug said she is in good shape and ready for adoption. She has been spayed and has received all vaccinations. Ladypug will fill your home with love and devotion so please apply for this little sweetheart by clicking on the 'Adopt Me!' icon bedside her picture to be her forever home.
Adopt Ladypug


8 Years old Spayed Female ***Courtesy Post for Speaking of Dogs Rescue

Please contact Speaking of Dogs Rescue directly, Thank you!

Lucy had a rough start to life; will you be her happy-ever-after?

She is a 8 year old, spayed female beagle cross who lost her home last year when her owners had a baby. Lucy is as smart as a whip and ready to accompany you on hikes and runs, but is more than happy to cuddle on the couch.

Lucy is looking for an adult-only home without cats or dogs.

Find out everything you wanted to know and more at her very own Facebook page (she updates it herself!): Lucy's Facebook Page

You can also contact Speaking of Dogs Rescue

Please help her find her forever home by sharing her Facebook page!
Adopt Lucy


2 Months old Male ADOPTED!

Adopt Mason


6 Months old Neutered Male "Handsome Salty Sea Dog" Mix!

Let me introduce me self. Me name be Matey. I be a handsome Salty Sea Dog. I'm missing an eye, but ye can see that it doesn’t affect me!

Me be a land lubber livin with a large family with multiple dogs that me loves to play with. Me best mate be a wee lad of seven who has great doggie skills. Me other mates are three cats. They have these powerful cutlass' at the end of their toes. Me smartly learned me lesson. Cats rule and dogs drool! Aarrr!

Yo-ho-ho! Outside is where me loves to be, to run and play, jump and stalk. Me loves to wrestle with me mates, and tussle with me wee lad. Me loves new adventures like meeting new mates at the doggie park. Blimey, that is a lot of fun!

Harrr Harrr Harrr, no worries with the poop deck with me. Me haven’t had an accident in the house, even once. Me sleeps in an expen as that is where I spent me time healing from me accident. I be all healed and as good as new.

I be in love with food, me Hearties for sure. Me also loves treats and me work for them too. I be good at the sit command, shake a paw and me learning down too.

I be neutered, fully vaccinated, micro-chipped, dewormed, and have received Revolution.

It is time for me to weigh anchor to be shipshape and to be three sheets into the wind. Set sail to me own destination, me furever home. Are ye my furever home that will provide me with the chance to socialize, love, and commit to using encouragin support only? If ye thinks ye could be me furever loving family home, then click the Adopt me Icon next to me name above!
Adopt Matey


2 Months old Female "Soft and snuggly" mix!

Hi y’all! My name’s Moxee-Mae, and I’m a big cuddly pup. I’ll roll on my back for belly rubs and when I’m tuckered out you can even use me for a pillow. I settled into my new foster home real easy. It includes a cat, a couple of adult humans, and a little 5 year-old human. I just can’t seem to help myself from chasin’ that cat. My sister Roxee-Rose came with me; we’re good buddies and play like you’d think two puppies should.

I’m smart as a whip and I’m learnin’ my sit, come, and lie down. When it’s time to hit the hay, I’m happy going into my crate for a sleep; I also go in there when my humans go out for supplies.

I’m a pretty hefty pup with big paws and a big appetite for my chow. I reck’n I’ll be a good sized dog when I grow up. I just know I’d make a family happy with my cheerful nature, soft fluffy fur, and my need to snuggle.

I have been dewormed, micro-chipped and treated with Revolution. I have received my first set of vaccinations, as well. To apply to adopt me, please click on the ‘adopt me’ icon beside my photo!
Adopt Moxee


3 Years old Spayed Female ADOPTION PENDING!

Adopt Poncha


9 Months old Spayed Female ADOPTION PENDING!

Adopt Roo


2 Months old Female "Happy tail" mix!

Roxee-Rose is a curious, playful sweetie with a happy tail and a friendly nature. She loves spending time with her sister Moxee-Mae and her foster family. Her foster family includes 2 adults, a 5 year old girl and a very tolerant cat, that Roxee-Rose loves to chase!

She is so cute, cuddly, soft and fluffy, with her large paws it looks like she will grow to be a good sized dog.

Roxee-Rose loves to run and play outside with the family; the cold doesn’t seem to bother her at all. She has started going for short walks and has been great on her leash. She is a very smart girl and has learned some basic commands like “sit” and lie down. Roxee-Rose is always happy to go into her crate for rest time. Her favourite sleeping position is on her back with all 4 paws in the air!

Roxee-Rose is an adorable puppy with a personality to match! She has been dewormed, micro-chipped, treated with Revolution and has had her first set of vaccinations. To apply to meet Roxee, click on the ‘Adopt Me!’ icon beside her photo.
Adopt Roxee


3 Months old Male "Tank" mix!

Hi, I'm Sherman and everyone tells me, when they look at my paws, that I am going to be a big boy when I grow up. My foster Mom loves my healthy size so decided to name me after a famous "tank".

I live with a resident dog that is a senior citizen so she is not too interested in playing with me but I give her lots of respect. I also share my space with a resident cat that I sometimes chase because I just like to wrestle with him.

I love going for walks to the park everyday with my four-legged foster sister. She's patient with me & has taught me a thing or two, like what to sniff and how to get bigger sticks. I've pretty much mastered the house training thing and I'm ok with the crate too, although the couch is way more comfy. I'm a snuggley guy and don't mind a belly rub or two. I do love my naps and I sleep right through the night without a peep! My foster Mom thinks I'm really a great pup and I couldn't agree more! I am looking forward to finding my forever family that will continue my training with lots of positive reinforcement.

I am up-to-date with all vaccinations, have been de-wormed, microchipped and treated with Revolution. So, please click the 'Adopt Me!' icon to apply if you'd like a big 'ol snuggley pup like me in your life.
Adopt Sherman


2 Years old Neutered Male "Mr. Happy Tail" Mix!

Whistler is a big lovable goofball:) He loves to spread out on the couch, slither on to the floor and then on to the dog bed during his long naps.

He loves to put his head on his foster dad’s lap for lots of pets and enjoys snuggling into small spaces for a snooze:) He is a vocal player and loves to wrestle with the resident canine.

Whistler is fine to be left in our bedroom with the resident canine when we need to go out. He sleeps in our bedroom, in an open crate, on the floor or a spot on the bed if available.

Whistler lives with felines and will join in a game of chase. He will bark if hissed at but otherwise lives in harmony with our cats.

He is a very happy boy who gives lots of happy tail wags when greeting visitors or if humans ‘chat’ with him:)

Whistler is neutered, fully vaccinated, micro-chipped and received Revolution and dewormer. He will be a wonderful addition to an active family with time to head to the park, in any weather. To apply for this handsome boy, click Adopt me! right beside his photo above!
Adopt Whistler


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