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This Weeks Kitty Showings!


5 Months old Spayed Female Cutie Patootie Mix!

Hi everyone, I'm Adel!

I’m a petite (currently 28 lbs), happy-go-lucky girl.

I currently live with three resident dogs and two cats. I get along well with the dogs, who are teaching me the social skills I need to be a great pet, including sharing my toys and beds, and when it is appropriate to play with whom (sometimes the older dogs don’t want to play so I choose someone who does!). I like to tease the cats so it might be better if I was adopted to a home with no cats :)

I am fully crate trained; I sleep in it at night (and I never get up at night – I’m a great sleeper!), and go into it during the day on my own when I want to take a nap. I am almost fully potty trained, just a little further to go – I’ve almost got this “ring the bell trick” down to ask to go outside.

I spend a lot of time outside with the resident dogs, and I am very well behaved out there. I like to meet other dogs and people (especially kids) on my walks, and travel well in the car!

So, if you're looking for a happy, fun puppy....... I am the one for you!

Adel is spayed and has received her vaccinations/booster/Rabies, dewormer, Revolution and micro-chip! To apply, click Adopt Me! button beside her photo above!
Adopt Adel


2 Months old Male ADOPTED!!

Adopt Blaeke


12 Months old Spayed Female Sweet Lovebug Mix!

Meet Miss Daphnee! This gorgeous girl is a 45 lb. dog with a HUGE heart! Daphnee is super affectionate and loves being close to her humans. She gives out a ton of kisses and full body tailwags at high speed!

Daphne is an extra special girl not only because of her capacity to love, but also because she needs a family who understands her physical needs. Daphne requires daily exercise/doggie play, and medication, to remain healthy due to hip concerns. Many dogs live wonderful and long lives with this problem, so we're sure hoping there is a super super adopter out there who will give her a chance!

Daphnee came into ARF’s care extremely underweight and very scared. She is looking for a forever family who will continue with her socialization to help her feel safe in unfamiliar situations. Daphnee loves her humans and looks to them for direction.

Daphnee lives in a very busy foster home with many large dogs. She loves toys and never passes on the opportunity to romp and wrestle with the resident four legged members.

Daphnee requires time to become comfortable around unfamiliar dogs. She enjoys leash walks and off leash hikes in safe areas. Daphnee has excellent recall (:

Daphnee has been spayed, micro-chipped, vaccinated and treated with Revolution. If you embrace positive reinforcement training and have the time and patience to commit to Daphnee, she will reward you tenfold. To meet this little lovebug, click on the “Adopt Me” icon next to Daphnee’s picture above!
Adopt Daphnee


8 Months old Spayed Female ADOPTED!!

Adopt Grace


5 Years old Neutered Male "Mr. Chill" Mix!

This beautiful fellow will get you out for a daily stroll in his stylish red harness then he'll sprawl on the back porch for a nice long nap:)

Kawpur enjoys swimming, bit of playtime, yummy treats and hugs from his person. Best without felines for this boy. He's a perfect house guest, completely trustworthy inside his home other than food left out on the kitchen counter:) No accidents, chewing, just lounging on the couch until you return!

Kawpur has all his shots including Rabies, dewormer, Revolution and micro-chip too. He is waiting for his person to arrive and invite him to be part of their family. Apply by clicking Adopt me! right next to his photo above!
Adopt Kawpur


14 Months old Spayed Female Future Agility Star Mix!

My name is Keiko and I am a 14 month old energetic girl! I have had a few changes in my life so far and I am looking for a home of my own and a family that will love me forever.

Playing is my favorite thing to do:) I like to play with the big dogs in my foster home, running and chasing them and playing fetch. I have lots of playdates with doggie friends and I get along with them great.

I have been to the dog park too and it is a fun place. My foster mom says I have great recall. I think that means I don’t wander too far and always come back when they call my name.

I have been such a good girl in the house that I don’t even use a crate much anymore. At bed time, I sleep on a cushion beside my foster family’s bed.

I do know a few tricks like “sit”, “down”, “shake a paw” and “the other paw”, “touch”, “go to bed” and “leave it”! Pretty impressive huh! Ok, so nobody is perfect and I am working on a thing or two, myself:)

I do bark when new people come to the house but I am getting better all the time. Once I have met you I will become your best friend forever too! I am very excited to go for leash walks, pulling a bit at first, but once I get going I listen really well!

I love to play with toys! The squeaky ones are the best because they make lots of noise. My foster family say’s that I would be great at agility too. I have good focus and love, love, love my treats!

I would love to find my very own family so if you are looking for a great companion to go for walks and spend lots of time with, click on the ADOPT ME icon beside my photo above!
Adopt Keiko


2 Months old Female Snuggly Northern Mix!

McNally is a playful, energetic sweetheart who loves to play, snuggle and would make an awesome addition to any family!

McNally always comes running with her tail wagging for snuggles and kisses when you walk in the room. She has a silky soft coat and an excellent nose:) McNally lives in a home with two resident dogs, her brother Swarek, and a kitty. She gets along with them all!

She loves to wrestle with her brother, come up on the couch for snuggles, and explore everything she can smell and reach. McNally loves to explore the outdoors and play in the gardens. She truly is a sweetheart:)

She walks very nicely on lead, sleeps all night in her crate, and her house-training is coming along nicely. McNally has had her first vaccinations, Revolution, dewormer and is mircro-chipped.

If you would like to make this snuggle bug part of your family, please click the Adopt me! icon right beside her photo above too apply!
Adopt McNally


2 Months old Female Sweet Cuddler Mix!

Miranda has received her first set of shots, Revolution, dewormer and micro-chip.

Hi everyone! I am Miranda and I am an extremely smart and energetic little girl. I currently live with two children, a resident dog and cat.

I am very interested in everything the older dog is doing and learn from her all the time. The cat is very interesting too but does not want to play with me so I find someone else to play with. I love playing with the children and enjoy when they walk me around the backyard.

I am fully crate trained and sleep in it quietly all through the night. I am working very hard on potty training and have very few accidents.

I spend a lot of time outside with the kids and resident dog and love going on walks. My foster mom’s sister has a dog as well who comes to visit. We love to chase each other and play in the backyard.

So if you are looking for a smart, cuddly sweetheart of a dog please click on the “Adopt me” link beside my photo above!
Adopt Miranda


12 Months old Spayed Female Family Snuggler Mix!

Hello! I am a happy canine who lives in a foster home with resident older dogs and cats. I am truly a cuddle bug and I like to chat:)

I will let you know if I am hungry, happy, disappointed or I just want to play. I'm a medium sized gal, just about 60 lbs.

I am a little shy at first, but I like people and other dogs and love to nibble on the foster cat’s ears. My house- training is awesome and I sleep all through the night in my crate!

I love to play outside, but nothing beats my spot beside the couch with some toys and bones to chew on and my foster family all around me!

Nena is fully vaccinated, has received a micro-chip, dewormer and Revolution. Apply for this beautiful gal by clicking the Adopt Me! icon right beside her photo. Thanks!
Adopt Nena


2 Months old Male Sweetheart Northern Mix!

Swarek is a playful energetic pup who would make an awesome addition to any family! He loves to play outside, explore nature, and check out every new smell.

Swarek lives in a home with two resident dogs and a kitty, and gets along with them all. Swarek loves to wrestle and play with his sister McNally and he is very curious. If he can reach it, he is going to check it out!

He always comes to greet you when you come home for pets and hugs. Swarek walks well on a leash, is working hard on house-training and sleeps through the night in his crate. He has received his first shots, Revolution, dewormer and is micro-chipped.

If you would like to make Swarek a member of your family, please click on the Adopt me! icon to the right of his photo above to apply!
Adopt Swarek


5 Years old Neutered Male Rural Kinda Guy Mix!

Tacoma is a wonderful boy! His foster family includes 2 adults, 2 kids (11 and 14), and a dog pal who live in a rural setting. He adores his family! He is full of wags and brings them dog toys for presents when they get home.

Going for walks and snuggling with his family are his favourite activities. Tacoma is friendly with people, especially kids. He is full of wags and kisses for any children he meets. He is sometimes shy to begin with when meeting adults, but it doesn’t take long and soon he has another best friend.

Since he is a grown-up boy house-training is not required. Tacoma waits patiently at the door for someone to let him out, but if nobody answers quickly enough he will ring the bell to let you know. No crate needed at night or if he is left alone as he is fine to be free in the house.

Tacoma loves his leash walks and prefers to wear a harness. He loves to follow his nose, so off-leash walks are safe in a securely enclosed area only. He knows ‘sit’, ‘down’, ‘wait’ and ‘shake’. He is easy to train with liver treats close at hand:)

Tacoma is doing a bit of agility training – he likes to jump and has begun to work on the teeter-totter! He has many more years of fun activities to share with his forever family!

He loves to be brushed and to go for car rides. He is a laid-back guy and enjoys cuddling up next to someone when he is napping. Tacoma is a gentle boy looking for a rural home where he can be close to his people.

He is a long-legged, slender 70lbs and a very handsome fellow!

Tacoma has been neutered, vaccinated and micro-chipped. If your family is looking for a gentle boy that just wants to be loved then Tacoma might be for you. A home without felines will be best for him. To apply, click the Adopt Me! icon next to his photo!
Adopt Tacoma


2 Months old Female ADOPTED!!

Adopt Titania


4 Months old Male ADOPTED!!

Adopt Yogie





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