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8 Months old Neutered Male ADOPTION PENDING!

Adopt Blaze


2 Years old Spayed Female "Brindle beauty" mix!

Well helloooo there! I see my gorgeous picture has caught your attention. Foster mom says I have an awesome personality to match my good looks and I'm one smart gal who likes to keep busy. She also said I should let you know what keeps me smiling so I've given it some serious doggy thought:

1. PLAY. Whether it's tug, fetch, chase, or wrestling, I'm all for it. When I hear the word "PLAY" my ears perk right up….well at least one of them (:

2. HUMANS. They are the absolute BEST in my books. I reward their awesomeness with lots of kisses and cuddles!

3. LEASH WALKS. I'm a pretty chill gal on a leash and like to take my time with all those new smells. Who wants to rush a good thing? I even get liver treats when I look at foster mom while passing new dogs.

4. DOGS. Doggy friends are a must but I like to take my time when meeting new buddies. Once I give the paws up, I'm a great playmate. Cats are not my cup of tea and I much prefer the four leggers who bark and wag their tail (:

5. MY CRATE. Foster mom say that it keeps me safe when she's not home. All I know is that it is a great place to chill….especially when there is something great to chew!

6. TREATS. I think I have my humans fooled. I get treats for doing things that make foster mom happy like sitting, staying etc. What could be easier?

Foster mom says I did a great job on my list and should be sure to give it to anyone who would like to meet me. She also said to mention that I'm spayed, fully vaccinated, and microchipped. Well, that just about wraps it up! Looking forward to meeting you…a click on the "Adopt Me" icon is all it takes!
Adopt Chachi


2 Months old Female “soft and subtle” mix!

Clare came into care with her lone sibling, ARF’s “Puq”. Together they wandered as stray puppies and did their best at surviving the elements of a cold winter outside. Once rescued, it took some soft coaxing and kind words to bring Clare out of her shell. However, she quickly figured out that living with her foster parents and 3 kitty friends is just great!

When this lovely gal arrived she was desperately in need of a bath and now scurries to the tub if she hears the water running. At night, Clare sleeps well in her comfy crate in the bedroom and does like to know that you are nearby. During the day she is working on extending her crate training time. House training is in progress and as she matures a bit more this clever girl will no doubt have that mastered.

Clare loves other dogs and is excited to have a play date. In the yard her favourite activity is fetch and she will delight in bringing you toys and sticks. She is especially fond of plush toys that she can carry, even when they are bigger than she is!

To see a video of Clare, click here!

Clare has received her first set of vaccinations and Revolution®, is micro-chipped and has been de-wormed. There is an obvious goodness in her nature and she always wants to please. She is looking for a forever home that will continue to help her build confidence through positive reinforcement training so that she can be a great ‘best friend’. If you would like to apply to meet Clare please click on the ‘adopt-me’ icon beside her adorable photo.
Adopt Clare


9 Months old Spayed Female "Clever cutie" mix!

Crickett came into ARF’s care as a very shy and frightened girl. She had survived by keeping close to one other roaming dog and her world was very unsure. With loving care and the time she needed to build trust, Crickett has emerged from her shell and now loves life. She greets people with enthusiasm and is learning to be ok with other dogs given a slow and controlled introduction. She currently lives in a foster home with 2 dogs, 2 guinea pigs and a 7 year old child whom she adores.

Crickett loves to chase a ball in the yard and play with the resident doggies in her foster family. She sleeps well and does not mind the crate, especially when treats are given as a reward. Everything about living indoors is new to her but she has made great progress. House training is almost complete and her foster family is finding it easier to pick up on the cues she gives when needing to go outside. A leash walk is now something she looks forward to! This bright and inquisitive gal has been spayed, vaccinated and de-wormed. If you think that you could provide a home with patience, love and continued positive training please click on the ‘adopt-me’ icon beside her photo.
Adopt Crickett


11 Months old Spayed Female "love bug extraordinaire" mix!

Say hello to Maggi, a very special girl who, despite overcoming injury and abandonment, is full of fun and loving life! She is living in a foster home with 2 adults, 3 resident dogs and 2 resident cats. Maggi gets along with everyone she meets, including little humans, and can often be seen cuddling the cat or curling up to the closest doggy friend. She loves the outdoors where she can run, chew sticks and toss squeaky toys and also loves the water! She has mastered house training and crate training; a real ‘A-student’. Maggi is great at sharing her affection and is also eager to learn new skills.

To see a video of Maggi playing, click here!

Maggi has been spayed, de-wormed, vaccinated and micro-chipped. Because she came to ARF as an injured dog she also had a surgical procedure on her femur to successfully alleviate pain. She is now a fully active and happy girl, and is looking for a forever family that will continue to meet her needs and provide her with a loving environment. Maggi is adored by everyone that meets her so if you’d like to share the same experience please click on the ‘adopt-me’ icon beside her photo.
Adopt Maggi


18 Months old Spayed Female "Gentle cheerful" mix!

UPDATE: Tessa being treated for a minor medical condition so adoption applications will not be accepted until further notice.

Good things DO come in BIG packages....and ARF’s foster dog Tessa is all that and more! Anybody that meets this gentle sweet gal is taken by how lovable and calm she is. Weighing in at over 110 lbs she is definitely a large-breed mastiff dog, but don’t let her size intimidate you. Tessa is respectful of both humans and other dogs, and quickly bonds to those around her. She is completely house-trained and sleeps soundly on a dog bed in the living room. She can be trusted to have free roam of the house when her foster parents are at work. Her current best buddy is a large resident dog whom she humours with some mild games of chase and just loves to chill with him. Tessa looks forward to her walks and behaves very well on lead.

Tessa enjoys meeting new people and is especially lovely around young children, leaning in for a smoochy kiss but never bowling them over. She has been very respectful when meeting other dogs too. This affectionate and calm gal would love to have a forever home that is familiar with the care of large breed dogs so that she can stay happy and healthy.

Tessa has been spayed, de-wormed and vaccinated. If you’re interested in meeting this pretty lady to lavish her with belly rubs, please click on the ‘adopt-me’ icon beside her photo to apply!
Adopt Tessa


4 Years old Spayed Female ADOPTION PENDING!

Adopt Tink

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