What is a Mutt?

ARF is a group that gets a high percentage of puppies in our system due to the areas of rescue we work with. The pups are often orphaned or simply surrendered on their own – our volunteers RARELY ever view the parents of these pups.

Please keep that in mind when you are tempted to ask “What breed is this dog?” We do not know.

However, this is what we will be able to provide you with : a Heinz 57 dog that is unique in appearance and has been socialized in a family environment, as well as vet checked/vaccinated/de wormed, and started on a nutrition regime & positive training program (see www.awesomedogs.ca) to encourage optimum health mentally and physically.

ARF has learned after many years of rescuing MUTTS – never, ever, judge a book by its cover…..or a Heinz 57 by physical appearance.

Are you interested in a family companion with a sound temperament & unique appearance? Are you committed to treating your mutt with the respect s/he deserves and using positive reinforcement training to encourage life long mental well being & good manners? Are you interested in adopting from an experienced & reputable group of volunteers who do this for one reason only – love of the animal? If you have answered “YES!” to each of those questions then please complete the adoption application now (click on the dancing dog in the upper right corner of the ADOPTIONS page) and apply to join the hundreds of families that are thrilled with their wonderful mutt from ARF. If, however, you are not interested in the above, then please continue with your intent to ADOPT and consider an adult dog with an obvious breed appearance or contact a reputable CKC breeder and ask for the breed specific rescue group in your area.

Judging a dog by its puppy.

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