ARF Application to Foster
(Dog/Puppy or Cat/Kitten)

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To apply to become a foster parent:

Copy/paste the following application into a word document or into the body of an email. Please make sure to fill in all of the answers! Then, send your completed application to the ARF Foster Home Support Team by email to

Please check your 'Junk Mail'
for our replies if you do not hear from us!

some changes have recently been implemented to our foster program and we are unable to train/welcome multi-resident rental situation foster home applications.

All applicants must be 18 years of age or older.

ARF Ontario - Application to Foster

I want to foster a: Dog ( ) Puppy ( ) Cat ( ) Kitten ( ) *place 'x' in bracket

First Name(s):

Last Name(s):

Email Address:

Street Address:


Primary phone (home):

Alternate phone(cell):

Work/Business phone:

How did you hear about ARF?

Why do you want to foster a rescue animal?

Are you over the age of 18?

Are you employed? Please describe your hours of work.

Are you a student? Are you attending school part-time or full-time? Please describe your schedule.

Do you own/have regular access to a car for reliable transportation?

If no, how will you transport a foster animal to vet appointments in Strathroy and adoption events/meetings in London?

What type of dwelling (house, townhouse, apartment, other) do you live in?

Do you own or rent your home?

If you rent, do you have your landlord’s specific permission to foster an animal?

Landlord Name & Contact Number or email address:

What kind of neighbourhood do you live in? (urban, suburban, rural, village)

How many people live in your home? Please list their name(s), age(s) and relationship to you.

How will they be involved in the care of your foster animal?

Does anyone in your home or who regularly visits your home have animal allergies? If unsure, have all family members been exposed to animals for more than a day?

Do you have animals regularly visiting your home? If yes, please describe the type, age, gender, temperament, and whether they are spayed/neutered or not.

Please list your current pets:

- how many?
- name(s)
- age(s)
- breed(s)
- genders

Are all of your dogs fully vaccinated?

Are all of your dogs receiving medication to prevent fleas and ticks? Name of medication/treatment:

Are all of your dogs spayed/neutered?

If no, explain why not.

- how many?
- name(s)
- age(s)
- breed(s)
- genders

Are all of your cats fully vaccinated?

Are all of your cats receiving medication to prevent fleas and ticks? Name of medication/treatment:

Are all of your cats spayed/neutered?

If no, explain why not.

Other Pets:
Please specify type, how many, where kept.

Have you ever had any animals as pets in the past? If yes, please describe type, breed, age, indoor or outdoor, fixed or not.

Have you ever given away or sold a pet? Please describe the situation.

Describe how your current pets get along with other animals, all sizes and breeds.

Have you ever fostered for another animal organization (or for ARF previously)? If yes, please provide the name of the group, dates you fostered for them, and reason for leaving.

Do you intend to foster only once for ARF or are you hoping to foster several times?

What kind of support are you expecting to receive from ARF members during your fostering experience?

Please complete the following ONLY if you are applying to foster a dog or puppy:

Do you have a yard?

If yes, is it fenced? Fully fenced or partially fenced? What kind of fence and how tall?

If you do not have a fenced yard, please describe how you would house train your foster dog or take it out for exercise, during the daytime or in the middle of the night?

Do you have a swimming pool? If yes, is it fenced so that a dog cannot access it?

If living in an apartment or attached residence, how would you deal with the noise/barking/crying/whining that a foster dog/pup might create in a shared building?

If you were to foster for ARF, how many hours would a foster dog be regularly left alone in any 24 hour period?

Describe your plan for let-outs when you are not at home.

Do you have vacation time planned within the next 3 months? If yes, what would you do with your foster dog during your vacation?

How much time are you willing to commit to a foster dog daily?

How much time will a foster dog spend out on a leash walk with you or another family member daily?

What is your plan to socialize your ARF foster dog with other dogs and people?

Have you ever crate trained a dog? If yes, please describe your method and the steps you took.

When crate training an ARF foster dog, where will you keep their crate?

If you put your foster dog in their crate for the night and it barked/whined/cried loudly describe what you would do.

Have you ever house trained a dog before? If yes, describe the process you used.

Describe what you would do if your foster dog went to the bathroom in an inappropriate place.

How would you prevent your foster dog from chewing on things they should not have?

How would you correct your foster dog if it jumped up on you, children, or guests?

If your foster dog was a puller during walks, what might you suggest to help correct this behavior?

Please describe what you know about positive reinforcement training techniques.

Have you ever taken any formal dog training classes? If yes, please describe.

Please check off your preference(s) for fostering:

What are your reasons for the above choices?

In considering an ARF rescue dog or puppy that might be placed in your foster care, please check off any of the following health issues that you would NOT be willing to work with (assuming you are given help from ARF volunteers and/or our veterinary clinic) :

- worms
- fleas and/or ticks
- diarrhea
- vomiting
- excessive itching of skin
- administering medication (i.e., pills, drops, ointments)
- minor injuries like cuts or abrasions
- demodex mange
- heartworm positive
- neurological injury/deficit
- fractures, amputations, large wounds
- Other (please specify)

How long of a term would you be willing to keep a foster dog in your care?

What circumstance(s) would make you ask ARF to take back a foster dog?

What topics or areas of canine foster care and training are you interested in finding out more about?

Are you willing to attend ARF’s orientation/training sessions for new foster homes?

Make sure to fill in all of the answers! Send your completed application to the ARF Foster Home Coordinator by email to

Please allow 48 hours for a reply.

Thank you for your interest in becoming part of a life saving community.....ARF Ontario

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