Cat Adoption Info

ARF has an honesty policy.  The full history of our cats and all medical information is given to potential adopters before making a decision to adopt.  We want families and their new furry friends to be happy and safe for life.

All in-coming rescues are quarantined for 72 hours.  During this time, the cat is dewormed (using Strongid) and treated for other internal/external parasites (using Revolution).

All cats, regardless of age, are then taken to the veterinarian for a general check up, their initial vaccinations (including the rabies vaccination if 12 weeks or older), a microchip, and to be spayed or neutered.

Adoption Fee:
$100 for all cats

The adoption fees certainly do not cover the majority of an in-coming rescue’s medical costs.  Our creatures are true rescues and need more than your average pet’s vet care in order to get them healthy again.  We do everything we possibly can to be sure we are adopting out a healthy, well-adjusted animal.

Please be assured that 100% of the adoption fee goes directly towards furthering the rescue efforts of A.R.F. Ontario.