This cool dude is Carl!  He is living in foster care with multiple adults and one resident pooch.  When Carl first came into ARF’s care he was quite unsure of many things and was afraid to leave the front porch or venture into the yard without his trusty canine sidekick. Fast forward a month, and Carl has made tremendous progress!  Although he is still not a fan of busy streets with lots of cars, and has to be coaxed into riding in a car, he has come to realize that the world is actually a great place.

Carl is house-trained and sleeps in a crate at night or when his people need to go out for short periods.  Although he’d much rather be out of the crate snuggling with humans, he does settle with a stuffed Kong© toy to chew on.  Carl is an energetic guy who enjoys playing with the resident dog so we’d love for his forever home to have another large breed dog with the same energy level or play style as Carl.  A fenced yard is required for Carl so that he can be active and yet feel safe.  Carl’s foster parents think he is super smart and they recognize how much he excels in training, especially with treats and praise.  An adopter who will enjoy the bonding experience of taking Carl to training lessons and also engage in training games at home, is an absolute must!

Carl’s people describe him as a “cuddly goofy heap of lovable fluff”.  He’s still a work in progress but has come so far.  He is best suited for an adult-only family who will take him on daily walks and support him with positive reinforcement only as he continues to learn.

This clever but comical fellow has been neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and treated with Revolution©.  To apply to adopt Carl, click on the “Adopt Me” button below!


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