Darby is just the sweetest girl!  She is currently living in foster care with one adult and is fully house trained.  She will happily retire for the night when her humans do, usually sleeping beside the bed, and will quietly wake up on their schedule too.  A crate is not needed for Darby as she is respectful of things and even stays off the furniture.  She is a bit nervous in a new environment, but quickly finds her comfort zone when she learns the household schedule.

Darby is great walking on a leash and only pulls a bit if she really needs to go out to do her business or when she sees a critter running.  She is happy to greet other dogs however we’ve come to know that she may sometimes guard her humans from them.  An adopter must be committed to ongoing positive-based training for Darby so that she learns to trust that her humans will always be there for her.  Darby can be cautious meeting and warming up to men, although usually if she is on leash and has “her people” with her she is more confident.  Once familiar, she is incredibly affectionate and will follow you around like a shadow.

Darby LOVES to play and run outside, especially after critters in the yard, and she enjoys having a loving scratch on the head.  Her favourite toys are tennis balls and things that squeak.  She is sweet, playful, loyal, and listens well when asked.  She picks up on moods easily and will comfort you with cuddles.  We think that Darby should be an only dog in the household because that’s what she is used to and she can be nervous about her humans sharing space with another dog.  She is also best suited to an all-adult family or one with teenagers. It’s unknown if she can live in harmony with cats.

Darby has been spayed, vaccinated, microchipped and received Revolution© This girl is an absolute gem and deserves a family that will love her to the moon and back!  If you are looking for a soul dog just click on the ‘adopt-me’ button below to apply for Darby.


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