Introducing Kobo, a handsome beauty with an equally wonderful personality! This athletic fellow will make a wonderful addition to an active, dog savvy adopter who is committed to on-going positive training. Kobo is very food motivated, focused and loves to use his mind. He is a very smart lad who enjoys keeping busy so training is a great way to provide the mental stimulation he craves.

Kobo lives with adults in his foster home as well as several other canines. He enjoys the company of other playful dogs and would do very well in a home with another active canine who matches his activity level, size and “rough and tumble” play style. Kobo sometimes requires slow introductions when meeting new doggy friends but it it doesn’t take long before he is offering play bows and initiating a good game of chase.

Kobo adores his humans and never passes on the opportunity for some belly rubs and scratches behind the ears. He is housetrained and settles well in his crate with a favourite chew toy or stuffed Kong. Due to Kobo’s curiosity and adolescent antics, he requires crating when his humans are out for a few hours. After a busy dog-filled day, he will sleep comfortably on a dog bed. Kobo walks very well on a leash and looks to his humans for direction, especially when liver treats are involved. He loves car rides, a dip in the pond, and off-leash exercise in secure and safe areas.

Kobo is a strong, athletic dog who is still learning to share high value resources. He is looking for a kitty free home with adults or teenage children only. A yard with a high fence is required as Kobo likes to demonstrate his amazing agility and jumping skills. Kobo is vaccinated, neutered, microchipped and has received Revolution©. If you are looking for an active, intelligent companion and are committed to on-going positive training, Kobo would love to meet you! Just click on the “Adopt Me” button below to apply.


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