Lady & Will


Lady and Will have a pending adoption!

Lady and Will’s adoption fees have been sponsored by The Bernard Benefit. We are very grateful to this foundation for their generous donation!

Those who love deeply never grow old.  This can be said of foster dogs Lady and Will.  They are a lovely bonded pair who came into ARF’s care together, and they are most happy when side by side.  Lady is a little smaller and shorter than her sweetheart Will, and they are never far from each other.  You get double the loving from this laid back duo, as they will follow you around the house and are content to lay at your feet.  Lady and Will are living in foster care with a resident dog, and although they get along, they don’t take much interest in group play.  They will also tolerate the resident cats but only to a point, so it would be best if they could live in a kitty-free forever home.

Lady and Will enjoy going out for short walks and do well on a harness. They’ve been good in meeting other dogs and people along the way, and would likely enjoy older children’s company.  They are curious and friendly, with tail wags from the time the get up in the morning until they settle for bed.  Lady and Will like to keep track of their people and will provide great company for an adopter.

These 2 senior dogs have both been fixed, vaccinated, microchipped and received Revolution©.  We are hoping to adopt them out together.  Are you looking to open your home and heart to a double dose of sweetness?  


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