Patch has a pending adoption!

Pssst!  Do you want to know a secret?  I’m a bit of a shy guy but would really really like to meet you!  My name’s Patch and I am on the hunt for a special someone that I can love for eternity.  You see when I fall for a human, I fall hard.  It might take me a little bit of time to get properly acquainted, but then oh boy!  I am the marshmallow to your hot chocolate.

I have been living in foster care with my foster dad and 2 resident dogs.  We live in harmony, but I prefer snuggling on a lap versus playing with my canine friends.  Turns out that rambunctious dogs are not really my cup of tea.  I am a great sleeper and have been trained to nap in my comfy crate through the night or whenever my human goes out during the day, but am trustworthy to have free run of the house too.  I like going for leash walks, however I’m not a fan of the cold so winter outings tend to be short.  I’ve learned to go to the door when I need to go out and do my business, and I get especially happy when my foster dad comes outside too.  I spin in little circles when he puts his boots on and will softly chatter up a storm to express my glee.  Since I’m a bit timid meeting new folks I would think that older kids would be best around me so that I can take my time to get to know their intentions.  Once I feel comfy, I love to snuggle right in and get tons of pets and ear scratches.  My foster dad’s friend that visits calls me her little darling!

I am all set to find my forever home as I’ve been neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and received flea & heart worm preventative.