Pickle & Pancake


Pickle and Pancake have pending adoptions!

Allow us to introduce Pickle and Pancake! Our twin brothers who have developed a very strong, adorable bond. If you can’t find them exploring together, you’re certain to discover them cuddled up in any number of adorable positions, catching a well deserved cat nap together. Even though these two boys are a bonded pair, they both extend their love and acceptance to any other furry baby they come across! And you also couldn’t find two kitties who want to give YOU more affection! Honestly, you could poke and prod forever (they won’t mind!) and never find a mean bone in either of their bodies. So, if you’re looking for the melodic sound of kitty purrs to be the background of your life, your search is over.

Pancake (white and black) is constantly in danger of being smooshed as flat as one! Whatever you’re doing is the coolest thing ever and you can be sure to find him somewhere nearby waiting patiently for you to have a moment to smooch his perfect heart-shaped nose. He’s slightly more timid than his brother, but it certainly doesn’t take long before he’s respectfully asking for you to perhaps pick him up and hold him as close to your heart as possible.

Pickle (white, grey, brown) may have a little to learn about manners still, but when he comes right up to your nose and starts giving all the kisses you could ever ask for .. who’s going to complain? After all, he quickly learns where is best to lay without bothering you while you’re reading or working and still in a position to receive the most love possible.

These two babies are two halves of a whole. Yin and Yang. Kisses and snuggles. Giggles and swooning. You wouldn’t want one without the other. If your home is in need of relentless purring, endless kisses, polite playtime, patient roommates, and bottomless love .. you’ve come to the right place.

Both Pickle and Pancake have been neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, and have been treated for parasites.