Let me introduce myself…my name is Tom but I was originally given the beautiful name of “Nangoohns”, which means star in Ojibway. Let me brag a little bit about how I live up to that very appropriate name.

I’m housetrained and have no trouble sleeping through the night, so no need to interrupt your beauty rest to let me outside. I’m happy to curl up on a couch or dog pillow. I’m learning to enjoy my crate and am trustworthy in the home while my foster parents are out. I’m basically a very clever dude, and have already learned so many new things. It helps when yummy treats are offered, but what I really crave is the love, snuggles, and attention from you.

I do have some things to work on and I hope that my forever home will keep me focused on progressing with positive reinforcement training. I sometimes get a bit protective of my food and toys because I’m still learning that they will always be there for me, so it’s best that I live as the sole critter in the home. I am also still figuring out that walks are fun and things that zoom by are nothing to worry about. So just like a child in school I am getting to understand that good manners produce wonderful treats and rewards.  All I need is practice and a loving teacher to guide me. A rural setting or a quiet suburban neighborhood where I can be relaxed and not have to worry about zooming cars so much would also be ideal!

They say I’m a dashing handsome boy, and healthy in every way, however I did test positive for heart worm. Not to worry though as ARF will provide me with medication that can be given monthly.

I have been neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and have received flea preventative medications. Want to share your love with an affectionate and appreciative boy like me? Click on the ‘adopt-me’ button below to apply to meet me soon!


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