A.R.F. Ontario

ARF Success Stories!!
Meet some families who have adopted an ARF puppy/kitty into their lives and were kind enough
to share their stories with us!!


Hey Jo-Anne!

With Thanksgiving this weekend I just wanted to say Pat and I (now Mr & Mrs McLean as of September 13th!!) are SO thankful for you and everyone at ARF. Not only are we thankful for the many animals you rescue every year, but for your careful adoption process to ensure the most success.

We are also so thankful for your support through the first weeks that we had Lillie. The puppy phase was like nothing we would have ever imagined and with her first birthday being last Saturday we have been reflecting on how far she has come.

We just wanted to say thank you for connecting us with Lillie. She is actually our little fur baby. So much so that we left our honeymoon a bit early because we missed her too much!!

Thank you for everything and keep up the great work!!

Jodi & Pat


Hey Jo-Anne! We did our scent detection demonstration at the Purina Walk for Dog Guides. Attached is a pamphlet with Marty's photo and a brief bio. My boy was a superstar out there!

There were a ton of distractions and a new location but he was fantastic! Dare I say the best of the group? Here's a link to video on YouTube. It will make you smile! And make you feel so good about all the hard work you guys do.

Marty in Action!!

You can't imagine what a strong and capable boy he's come to be! I love him like crazy!



ARF adopted pup Dixie is enjoying some summer fun with her forever family in Toronto!

She is certainly loving some Vanilla joy:)

Just an update from Dixie, Obi and
Shawna Tee


Dear Angela and Joanne,

I just wanted to send you a note thanking you again for allowing us to add Rubi, now Heidi, to our family.

Heidi has been a wonderful burst of energy to our lives! She is SUCH a smart dog and worked her way into our lives and routines very quickly. She knew her new name in a few days and was off-leash for the first time within a week.

We always have lots of yummy treats, just in case, but she has never gone far from our sides, treat or no treat.

Heidi is a very busy girl and goes for at least one trail run a day where she loves to swim in the river or the lake if we go. She loves to go goes to the dog park and has learned to socialize very well with her friends:)

Shes delighted when we meet another dog on the trail. We got a harness for her and shes a dream to walk with her harness on.

Thanks again,
Michelle, Shae, Shannon, Rory and Heidi


Hi Sheri!!

Raea is doing great! She's really adapted well to life at our house. Raea is a great with the kids, and she really knows her boundaries with other dogs. You did a great job of raising her!!

We have a dog walker come twice a week to walk Raea with a group of other dogs. She's at the vet today for her spaying operation, so she'll be on bed rest for a few days after:)

Cheers for now,


Just a short note to let you know how much we are enjoying Ozzie. He is full of energy and regularly runs from one end of the house to the other!

They get at least two walks a day and a few games of fetch in the house but he still has energy to burn. The mats in the house are usually in heaps where he has slid into them:)

He also likes to lick and cuddle for attention. After a night time biscuit, he sleeps on our bed, usually right near Mona (our first ARF dog). They both like to sleep with their own blankets over top of them.

We had him to the groomers last month and she did a good job. He still gets car sick so we are starting to take him out on a regular basis for short rides. We go to the local park and go for a walk there so he knows that this is a pleasant ride and not to the Vets or groomer.

Thanks for your help with his adoption.

Jim and Maureen


Hello Madison,

Warner has settled in quite well, and I dare say, has even made friends with the kitties! He is quite happy to take a nap on the bed with a couple cats sleeping next to him. I once found him sharing his dog bed with Emmett the cat!!

Warner is enjoying puppy school and has made friends with a Cocker Spaniel puppy named Bentley. The classes have been quite helpful :) My mom has been spending quite a bit of time working on the class homework with Warner throughout the daytime, and he picks it all up very quickly.

Warner is getting so big and has been on lots of adventures already this summer. He loves swimming and is starting to relax in the canoe as well :)

Katie Long


Hi Lisa,
Sitting out in the sun with Pola (who can't quite figure out the sound of the sprinkler from the neighbour behind and is quite vocally expressing his views!).

It's been almost four weeks. It's hard to remember life before him. The kids are madly in love! I confess I may be too. Pola spends a good 7 minutes whenever he sees Camy licking each corner of his face and neck. Sometimes he lies next to Camy and nibbles on his long hair, gently. Camy loves the snuggles.

Your early training made all the difference. Everywhere we go he's adored and well behaved.



This is Kai during one of our walks in High Park here in Toronto. He loves running on the trails and meeting everyone he can. He's a real social butterfly - he has such an easy going personality that even people who are sometimes afraid of such a big black dog (83 lbs at his last vet visit) get won over by his wagging tail. He's such a sweetie. So glad to have found him on your site!


Hi Melissa,

Marlowe has grown like crazy since we got him, and weighed 46 pounds when he went for his neuter surgery.

Training is going well, and he's doing much better around new people. He loves meeting and playing with other dogs, and rarely meets one he doesn't like!

Overall, he's doing great and everyone who comes over is surprised by how calm and well-behaved he is. Things are going so well we're starting to look at getting our second dog soon! I think Marlowe will really thrive with a buddy to run around with in the yard. We're too slow for him!

I hope all is well with you and your recent intake of pups! I don't know how you do it, but thank goodness you do.

All the best,


Dear Lisa,
We knew when you dropped Kingston off to our house for our 'trial' sleep over Kingston wasn't going anywhere else and had found his forever family and home. We love him so much.

We love cuddling with him, going for long walks and car rides, having play dates with other dog friends, playing hide and seek with his toys around the house, and playing fetch with sticks, although he prefers to just chew on the sticks mostly, we're still working on the fetch part!

He is so affectionate and so smart and always eager to please, although with me it really doesn't take much! Having 3 legs doesn't hold Kingston back from anything .... including jumping up into bed for snuggles every night!

Thank you so much Lisa and ARF! We appreciate everything you do!
Dayna, Mike, and Kingston


Maggie and Allie, aka Daphnie and Desirae, are enjoying their wonderful forever homes!
They love the outdoors, playing with lots of doggie friends and get so many comments about their super cute appearance!

Thanks to awesome ARF foster homes and great Forever homes for allowing us to rescue more puppies!!


Our little boy had his first boat ride and a trip to the beach! He was so unsure with the texture of the sand and the lapping of the waves on the shore. After his blonde buddy, "Ollie" showed him the way, Meeko was flying!!!!


Hello Lisa!

Mazey has grown into a very affectionate dog who loves to be close to me. She was spayed last week and is recovering well. She makes a very positive impression when she goes to the vet. In fact he told me that I had an found myself and extremely nice dog!

Mazeys training slowed down while I mended from a broken arm and we are now just getting back into regular training and walks. I often wake up with her head on the pillow next to me:)

She is going through her teenage stage and no longer chews things, instead she steals them and runs off and eats them!! My home is baby proofed more than it was when my children were young:)

She loves her toys and will always look for one to show me when I come home or let her out of the crate. She is great with other dogs and her best friend remains Pancho the 125 lb. Bull Mastiff:)

All the best,


Hi Joanne!

I know it's been awhile but I wanted to update everyone about ARF's "Gainer", one of Cookie's pups:)

We've been enjoying many walks by the lake, his off leash beach runs are his favorite! As soon as we get close he starts pulling, he just can't wait to get down to the beach! We've also been going for lots of hikes through the many trails in the area and he gets to do lots of exploring and discovering.

Thank you again for all your help!

Stacey and Dexter:)


Hi Jo-Anne,

As I think you know, I have become one of the number one fans of ARF and I really can't stop myself from selling the virtues of adopting a "rescue" dog through your organization.

I wanted to send along some pictures of Bruin. He came into our lives last July - July 13th to be exact! It is amazing how many times I reflect on the process of adopting Bruin. The day I saw those golden eyes in his photo, I knew he was the one for us!

Bruin and Colin have become best buddies. Bruin was one nervous guy when he joined our family. He didn't like going up stairs, through doors, or in the car. With lots of time, support, and unwavering patience, Bruin has become so happy I don't think he would ever think of leaving!

He has started to LOVE cuddles and he will kiss us until we have to call for mercy:)

We can't imagine life without our Bru-bru! Thank you for the amazing work you all do at ARF!

Lindsey Milligan


Noelle is doing well, learning quickly and has grown quite a bit! She now weighs 45lbs (at 4 months old!).

We have collected several boxes full of toys and have ordered a few cases of Pedialyte for ARF. We will bring them to Noelle's foster mom, Heather, sometime soon:)

Thanks so much!


Hi Nancy!

What a sweet beautiful girl! She is the most perfect dog we could ever ask for.

Bijou's personality has hardly changed since she was a pup. She just had her first birthday Feb. 14. She is curious and outgoing, smart, playful and oh so friendly. Her favourite thing in the world is to play tug with us or play keep-away or chase with other dogs.

She LOVES the winter. We took her to the dog park on a very cold January day - all the dogs and their owners were huddled under a small shelter to keep warm. Not Bijou - there she was, sitting in the middle of this artic tundra, wind in her face, chewing on a stick:)

Speaking of sticks, sticks must be one of her favourite things on this earth. Every time we go for a walk to the park she picks a stick she likes and carries it all the way home. Our front porch collects sticks quickly!

Bijou is a hit everywhere she goes. People always comment on her unique appearance and wonderful temperament. She will retrieve anything you throw!

Even though she loves winter I know she will be excited to visit the cottage again in the spring and swim in the lake. Anything water-related she loves.

Bijou has mastered sit, lie down, come, go-lay-down, shake a paw and play dead. I am planning on continuing her training to learn more complex tricks to exercise that big brain!

Thank you so much for the work you do!
I could not imagine life without our sweet Bijou


Scott and I are so shocked how fast time rolls, we are sorry it is so long since sending a picture. Attached is our Chloe (Hadley adopted 2013) & JJ (Caviar adopted 2010).

JJ and Chloe are great friends! They have so much fun playing / running /sleeping together. They got along from the beginning and now I don't think they would know what to do with out each other.

I don't think Scott and I would know what to do without them either! They have added so much to our home. JJ is a good match with Scott, they both like their space. I have my little luv bug Chloe! She just wants lots of attention and love.

They love their walks, daily visits from the girl next door, and their favorite cousin - our niece Amber! We are all excited that spring is coming soon. Lots of time outside and together!

We share the name of ARF to everyone we know and anyone that asks about JJ (people are fascinated about what kind of dog he is). We are so happy we came to your organization and found our doggie kids!

All our best,
Janice & Scott Bradd
Burlington, ON


Hi Jennie,
Meggie is doing great! We graduated from puppy class, photo attahced:) Meggie already had so much ground work while with you and for the most part she wants to please so she picks up on commands easily.

Ive never taken training classes before. The classes were laid out beforehand so we knew what we were doing and we had homework assignments to complete each week. I learned more than Meggie did which I was told was how it was suppose to go:)

Our trainer also runs agility classes (non-competitive, for social/fun time only) and we will likely join one of the sessions this summer.

Meggie is such a wonderful dog in so many ways and we love her very much!



Hi Susan,

Well I have to say Arlo has turned out to be an unreal dog! The picture below is us (I have been out for 4 weeks after a serious knee injury). He is by my side 24-7 and has been spoiled rotten even during my injury by friends who love to snowshoe and run with him.

He has grown to be a very large boy as well!

Thanks again,
Tecia and Arlo


Hi Jo-Anne,

Sadie is doing very well - over the last six weeks, she has really relaxed. She occasionally still destroys something while we are out, but she confines herself to items from the recycling bin;)

Sadie is much more comfortable and settled now. She has been very trainable all along, and over time has become very well-behaved and anxious to please - she's clever and can almost always figure out what we want her to do, even if the situation is new.

She loves to go to the park or on a long walk, but once she gets home she just likes to chill out, nap, or chew on a toy. She is extremely affectionate and cuddly to everyone, so people like her right away (and her eyes, one brown and one blue, get her a lot of attention) - she has a lot of fans.

Overall, we are very happy we adopted Sadie. The initial adjustments were well worth the outcome, and in the scheme of things didn't last too long. She has become a lovely and well-loved part of the family!

I've attached a photo of Sadie sitting in her favourite chair:)

All the best,


Hello ARF!

Wanted to share this picture of Lacey (previously Bailee) on her 1st birthday! We adopted her last May and love her so very much!



Hi Kim

Ive been meaning to send you some pics of Thor (ARF's Travis). Hes doing really well. Lots of personality!

Here are a couple of pics of him ... playing at daycare, and one of him in the car so you can see his ears. He has one ear permanently up now!

Have a great day!



Hey ARF!

We couldn't be happier with our Hunter. He joined our little family one year ago and we couldn't imagine life without him. He has successfully completed two rounds of training and will be entering into advanced and off leash training soon!

He has developed a real personality:) He is a super cuddler, loves to play, swim and run, and would spend all day out in the snow if we let him. This is great since we live in the snow belt and have been getting our fair share of snow this year!

Hunter gets along great with other dogs and kids of all ages, he is a gentle soul. Also, just for fun we did DNA on him (not sure how accurate it is). It said he is English Springer Spaniel, Lab, Akita and Husky mix!

We just wanted to thank you again for doing the work that you do and bringing Hunter into our lives!

Ashley, Cory and Hunter


Hey Robin!

Just wanted to send an update about Kira (ARF's Shakira)! She is doing great! We have finished all the training classes. Her coat has fully come in beautifully! She is also more black now:)

I also wanted you to know I got 2 DNA tests done on her and it came back both times as 50% poodle, then a mix of beagle, weimaraner, and english springer spaniel! Who would have known?

Kira is getting along great with the cat and is loving the trails around my house and all the dogs she runs into.

Anyways, just thought I'd send a quick update and say thanks for matching me with such a great dog!

Thanks again,

Stefanie and Kira


Hello ARF,

Just to jog your memory - Hailey (now Whitey) is the deaf, albino Aussie x Shepherd mix we fostered, then adopted, back in 2008!

She has lots of hair now, plays with dogs and has definitely found her confidence (in a good way).

I've attached a couple pics of Whitey and Whitey with her new brother - Russell. We adopted Russell who was rescued near London - at 5 months old. He was in a litter of 8 puppies!

Enjoy and Happy New Year,
Lucie Tomson


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