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Hello Kristina and Kelly,

I'm going to bombard you with photos today. Ukee (previously Taco), named after our favourite place in Canada (Ucluelet), is doing great! He's comfortable and confident and well-adjusted. Kelly, you and Brandon did an amazing job with him and I say that to everyone who asks where we got him.

The kids, Dwayne and I love him, but it's impossible not to. He comes everywhere with us and he's already a hit at the barn. When we're there he stays on leash while the other dogs roam, but he's learning to respect the horses (he's amazing with the horses already), asks to go outside if he has to pee or poo, which he also always does at home, and he's playful and sociable with all the other dogs and people. He's only had two accidents since he arrived, and once wasn't at home. Dwayne installed a bell at our kitchen door and within one day he was ringing it to go out.

We take him for walks several times a day and for the most part he's super interested in everything around him, the remainder of the time, he carries his own leash and plays tug of war - typical puppy. One of our cats already likes him, the other does not nor will she ever, but they've come to an agreement to stay away from each other. Our big project is to work on recall and he has days when he's great at it and others where digging in the garden is more important. Speaking of garden, he's helping me prepare the soil for next year.

His favourite way to start the day after we go for a walk is to curl up on my lap while I drink a coffee and try to answer work emails.

Anyway, he is loved and we're so happy to have him with us.




Just to let you know how SirJames (now named Joeybear) is doing. He is an amazing addition to our family and we're so grateful and fortunate to find him on your site.



It's been almost a year since we first adopted our sweet Banjoe. We can barely remember life without him! We are so grateful for ARF for bringing this incredible addition to our family. He's gentle, adventurous, spunky, and mischievous ... in the very best of ways! It is an understatement to say that he is loved. He is completely spoiled and adored by every adult, child, and animal he meets! THANK YOU thank you!

Sara and Andrew


Kristina, Lisa, and ARF crew,

Rypley has settled into our family quickly! She loves walking trails (that she excitedly turns into an hour run followed by a two day rest), fetching with her penguin stuffy, sleeping in the funniest positions, and playing with all of her doggie friends. She really loves her best bud, Kingsley - my brother's English Bulldog. She's already learned simple commands and her leash manners are always improving. Her feline sister, Callie, is now not only just tolerating sharing her home, but is beginning to nap just inches away from Rypley!

We are excited for Rypley's next month with us as we finish our Awesome Dogs puppy classes and maybe even get to see her first snowfall. If she loves the snow half as much as she loves falling leaves, she'll be the happiest winter puppy around :)

Paul and I are so in love with her! She is the perfect fit into our lives and we couldn't be more grateful for her and grateful to ARF. ARF set her up with a start to life that gave her everything she needed to succeed and become the happiest and healthiest dog she can be.

Thank you so much for making our adoption process so smooth and for taking such good care of our sweet Rypley until we took her home.

Lindsay, Paul, and Rypley Parsons


This update is long overdue. We adopted Rosie in 2010. She was about 18 months old and terrified of everything, but mostly of being alone. We had our struggles getting to know one another for the first year but it was love at first sight.

I know that a few people involved with ARF remember her. When we had our training at Awesome Dogs, it was mentioned that whatever has happened to her was "awful". She was broken and afraid.

Well....not anymore! Rosie is confident, loving, intelligent, obedient, as well as sneaky and pretty talkative! She has a multitude of great tricks, dog friends and a fan club.

She only has 2 remaining fears. One being loud noises or yelling, the other is not being with me. Pretty acceptable!

Anyways, ARF is doing a fabulous job. I recommend your organization at every chance and from my heart and my son's heart. Rosie is a huge success story for you all.

Kindest regards,
Leigh Ann Jackson


Just thought you may like an update on Poppy! She's doing great, loves to hang out with our cats and us!


I just wanted to give you an update on Glimmer and Mallory. We adopted these two as kittens almost a year ago and they are doing very well. Mallory was very comfortable and easygoing right off the bat and is still a very cuddly and easygoing little girl. Glimmer was much more skitterish when we first brought her home, but within just a couple of weeks she did a complete turn-around. She is now the most cuddly, affectionate, and funny cat. She never misses bedtime story time with the kids and always knows when one is having a nap on the couch and she always curls up with them. They get along very well together and are either chasing each other around the house or will be curled up on their cat tree or a couch or a bed somewhere. They couldn't have turned out to be any better than they are. They are great with the kids! I am so glad we decided to adopt these kittens from A.R.F.

Thanks so much!


Since adopting Callie (known before as Clare) on April 18th, 2015 she has come a long way! Callie, who was once very shy and nervous, is now a fun, loving, and easygoing pup! Currently she is almost 6 months old and weighs 42.5lbs! She has many dog friends that she has met at the dog park, but especially loves her doggy cousins, Riley, Ellie and Carter. We recently adopted Link, Callie’s little feline brother, and she is very eager to play with him. She is learning a lot from having such a small furry friend around her. Callie is a VERY intelligent dog, and catches on to tricks and commands with ease. Her favourite things include water, ice cubes and carrots! She loves to take walks, go to the Farmers’ Market and dog park, visiting relatives and will never turn down a good nap!

Next week we will be taking her up north for the week where she will get to spend lots of time in the water and go fishing with us! I know she will have a great time =)

We are so thankful to ARF and Callie’s foster family for all the work you did! She is such a wonderful addition to our family!

Thank you!


Hello A.R.F. Friends,

My husband and I would like to let you know what a great addition Ermy (formerly Carolina) has been to our family. We have been fans and supporters of A.R.F. for some time but decided on a whim this January to adopt a cat.

Ermy adjusted to us and our resident cat, Aziz immediately. She is so sweet and chatty, and loves to snuggle and play. She follows my husband around the house. We feel we really lucked out finding her.

We cannot express enough gratitude to everyone at A.R.F. who volunteers their time to help all of the wonderful animals. We would like to send a special thanks to Ermy’s foster Mom, Janeva, for helping us and sending us baby pictures of Ermy.

Forever grateful,
The Young’s


We had been talking about adopting a dog for some time after we lost our dog Simon who shared the last 10 of his 14 years with us. Luckily we came across the ARF website one night and the rest is history. The ARF team were a pleasure to deal with, took the time to match us with a perfect large puppy and because we were from out of town they were also very accommodating.

It was very important for us to have a dog that was tolerant around kids since we have a young daughter and often times a house full of her friends. We wanted our daughter to grow up with a dog and Poppee absolutely adores children. We adopted Poppee back in Feb 2014 when she was three months old and she has proven to be an amazing companion! Poppee is so gentle with everyone that she meets.

Poppee has been a great addition to our family. She is the smartest dog!

Whenever people ask what type of dog that Poppee is during her long walks (this is a constant question because she is so cute and fluffy), we always say that she is a beautiful Canadian mutt that was rescued by ARF. Followed by a long explanation of where ARF rescues the dogs from and how they are placed in foster homes before being put up for adoption which gives them some needed socialization skills with people, children and other animals.

A special thank you goes out to ARF and especially Nancy and her family for fostering this lovely dog until we were given the chance to adopt her. Nancy, her family and the rest of ARF have a huge spot waiting for them in heaven for doing what they do.


Our spunky Valencia (ARF's Paysley) will turn two this June. We adopted her late September 2013 and she has settled so well into our home and brightens our lives so much! She's always smiling and so happy to see us. She loves walks, tossing a ball in the yard, trips to the dog park, trying to sit in the laps of guests, and curling up on the couch between us. She's so smart and has such great personality. We'd be lost without her. We're so happy we decided to adopt and are so thankful for all the hard work and effort of the ARF team. The process went so smoothly and everyone was really great and supportive. We recommend adoption to everyone we know looking to add a pet to their family.

Thank you, ARF, for all you do!


Shortly after having our baby, we had to put our old rescued dog down. We knew we wanted our son to grow up with a pup, so we started hunting for the perfect fit.

We found Tarlo (now Norman) and knew that he would be a great fit. Norman and our baby are a month apart in age and best friends. They have grown up together over the past year. Sometimes they are up to no good, but there are always giggles to be had. The two of them are in cahoots and we wouldn't have it any other way! There is just something about a boy and his dog!!


Just wanted to send a follow up email to say THANK YOU! Lil has been with us for 6 months now and she has been the best dog we could have asked for. She has sooo much personality and love to give. She has come a long way in terms of her shyness and now loves to play with new dogs. She takes a while to warm up to humans but once she does she will never stop kissing them. The transition went very smoothly so a big thank you needs to go to Kelly and Brandon for all Lil learned during her time with them, she knew so much already coming into our home and it made a big difference. Lil loves to visit our friends and family with us and has taken a liking to my parents dog, Molly, who has actually never much liked other dogs until Lil came around. She enjoys helping with yard work (digging mostly), daily walks and going to the dog park whenever she can. Lil loves to play with her feline brother like he's another dog, and Ron does his best to put up with it. She is spoiled rotten and is always happy as can be. Kenley and I are very happy we were able to work with such a great group!



We are owned by Scamp, the big loveable mutt! He is 7 yrs old now and is one of the loves of our life. We adopted him as a 12 week old puppy and he was a scruffy looking little thing and his litter mates were blonde curly golden doodle looking pups and Scamp didn't look anything like them! He wasn't the most attractive puppy but he looked like he needed a home!

Well he turned into the most handsome smart loyal kind dog we have ever had! He was so easy to train and fit into our life on the farm and cottage too! He is a gentle soul who also loves his brother Finn! Everyone that knows Scamp loves Scamp! On our walks I'm often asks what kind he is and I always say he's an ARF Ontario lovable mutt and explain how we rescued him! In that way Scamp is an ARF Ambassador and hopefully others will think about ARF when thinking about adding a furry family member to their home!

Thank you ARF for helping to fill our life with joy!
Elaine Coombs


It will be four years this August that we were blessed with the adoption of Alize from ARF.

Alize was a shy and timid girl when she came to us but with time, love and patience she has become a lively loving girl who adores her people and big brother Winslow, and cats Kitty and Frosty. We couldn't have wished for a more loving and loyal dog then Alize.

With the support from her foster mom Kathy, and training lessons from Jodi, Alize quickly became part of our family.

I love that we can reach out to ARF at anytime for support and guidance. Without the endless and selfless work of the ARF rescue team and volunteers we would have not been gifted such an amazing dog. Thank you Kathy and the rest of the ARF team.

Robin Ford


Hi Lisa. It has been a while and so I thought I'd send you a Lucy update. She's doing really well and we are so happy she has become part of our family. She was recently spayed and came through it amazingly! She has become quite the princess and is very demanding.

She goes for walks at lunch time with a wonderful dog walker who picks Lucy up and takes her in the car to pick up a couple other furry friends. So Lucy has play dates a few times a week. She loves to eat things on the roadside so we do have to be very alert when walking her. She now weighs 13lbs! Hoping her growing stops soon. As you can see she still loves the duck she came home with. She also loves to sit on our living room chair and look out the window people watching. She is a handful, but a true joy.

Hope you are well.
Happy Easter.

Elisa, Lucy and family


Coal is my 14th month old black lab/great dane puppy. I adopted him just over a year ago. He loves to cuddle and give kisses, chase squirrels, the snow, and anything covered in peanut butter. He's my best friend. Adopting him was the best thing I've ever done!


We adopted Hunter (previously named Joey) January 2013.
We couldn't be happier with our Hunter. He joined our little family almost 2 years ago and we couldn't imagine life without him. He has successfully completed two rounds of training and will be entering into advanced and off leash training soon. He has developed a real personality, he is a super cuddler, loves to play, swim and run, and would spend all day out in the snow if we let him. Which is great since we live in the snow belt and will certainly be getting our fair share of snow this year!
Hunter gets along great with other dogs and kids of all ages, he is a gentle soul.

Also just for fun we did DNA on him (not sure how accurate it is) it said he was English Springer Spaniel, Lab, Akita and Husky mix.

We just wanted to thank you again for doing the work that you do and for bringing Hunter into our lives!


Cinnamon (was named Jello) is coming up to her third birthday. She still loves her rides and never misses bringing a toy when you arrive. Very healthy and loving. The best ever, thanks so much!


Maegun came into our lives December of 2012. We met her at her foster parents' house and hit it off right away. Not only did we fall in love with her but our other adopted dog Angus loved her and they have been best friends ever since. We got to experience her first year of snow which she could play in all day. We're so thankful that her foster parents taught her how to ring the bell to go outside and she definitely abuses it. Maegun enjoys being active whether it's roller blading or runs in the dog park. She also really enjoys swimming and running through the bush on our trips to Haliburton, Ontario. She's also a great heater on the couch when she snuggles up on those cold winter days. She has brought us a lot of joy and laughter over the past 2 years and we couldn't picture life without her. We are very grateful to the ARF organization and all the foster families that connect these animals to good homes.


Hi A.R.F Friends,

My husband and I just wanted you to know what a great addition Majorr is to our family! He has been with us a little over 6 months now and he fits right in. He's a very happy little guy who loves to play and cuddle.

He just loves to play in the snow and chase the squirrels in the back yard. He does awesome in his crate although he has been know to cuddle in the bed those nights that Daddy is working overnight :)

He has brought us so much joy with his quirky little ways and we look forward to all the years to come. We just wanted to say Thank You for giving us this opportunity to give this great little guy a home. He definitely keep us on out toes and makes us laugh everyday.

Angel and Dan Mortimer


Hi Jo-Anne,

Finally some photos of my ARF boys, Cody and Harley, in our new back yard! They are doing well, especially considering they are 'special needs' fellows. Hard to believe that soon Cody will have been with me for 4 years, and Harley for 2 years.

Cody tries his best to get Harley to play, perhaps it will happen some day:)

Sylvia, Cody and Harley


Norra was renamed Inca and she is big now! Inca hasn’t been in a crate for a while and aside from a few shoes, all is good:) She does LOVE to sleep on the couch and to have her hind quarters/chest rubbed.

She loves outdoors, running crazed laps (through my garden!) and sleeping on a deck chair. She loves to eat, go for walks (and is awesome on leash) and chase the leaves blowing on the road!

We love her!


Hi Jo-Anne,

Dexter is doing well, loving the cooler weather and just generally being hilarious all around! He makes me laugh every day :)

I've attached a pic of my little guy, this was from the Thanksgiving Weekend. And I did not style his fur, it often does that on its own! Super cute in my opinion :) lol

Stacey and Dexter


No better time to sit down and compose a letter of thankfulness! Our Family is totally smitten with Miss Piggy! I truly appreciate and am very grateful for the ARF team and all that is done for the very less fortunate.

Miss Piggy (formerly known as ZoZo) is truly a God send to our Family, she allowed us to "love again", as our Family experienced a traumatic loss of a beloved dog. Her endless energy combined with a one-of-a-kind personality makes her impossible to resist!

Miss P continues to flourish as my "partner in crime" on our daily trail blazing through the woods and she never passes an opportunity to go for a swim....even if it is a beaver's dam!

Our Family loves the huge performance that Miss Piggy provides when we return Home. No matter how hard the day was, she has the ability to make us laugh instantly! We cherish our time with Piggy and look forward to the many memories yet to come.

Big thanks to ARF, without you none of this would be possible! Also, huge thanks to Jennie! (Pigg's Foster Mom) Your time and love for Pigg did not go unnoticed and allowed for a great match with our Family.

Forever grateful,
The Ridley's
Petawawa, Ontario


Hello Verna,

Kaya is amazing! We all love and adore her so much and she has settled in very well. You have truly done a wonderful job of fostering Kaya!

We are so happy that we made the decision to adopt Kaya. She is such a loveable dog. She enjoys the cottage and playing with her 2 cat friends and loves to give kisses to all of us (even the cats)!

She is highly trainable and she even rings a bell when she wants to go outside, which is often:) She is a chatter box as well. She talks to us when she wants our attention, it is absolutely adorable.

I have bumped into 2 families in my neighbourhood with ARF dogs - you have a great reputation :)

We just wanted to say thanks to all the great work you do finding homes for such special dogs like Kaya.



Hi Lindsey,

Life with Bogart has been amazing. He is such a special guy and he makes us happier than you can imagine!!

Bogie is still a happy and funny pup... His kidney bean dances are the best:) I love coming home and being smothered with kisses. He runs straight upstairs and into our room for cuddles too!

When it's time for a walk, we call him and sing "peanut butter Boogie time" and he comes running and dancing until we're out the door.... it makes us laugh every time. When I change the sheets, he gets up on the bed and wraps himself up before I can get everything off:) And I can just see that little tail wagging!!

His best buddy is a Jack Russell named Charger - we looked after Charger for three weeks this September and they had a blast.



Wanted to send an update for Itty and Bitty, now Chloe and Chelsea:)

Both cats are wonderful! Growing and changing each day. They are both active and very entertaining!

Itty and Bitty both have unique personalities and I love every moment we spend together.

Thanks ARF for bringing them into my life!

Lisa T


Hi! Thought I would drop a quick line to let you know that Daisy (one of the American bulldog puppies you had) *now Gemma* is doing great!

She adores her family and her daily hikes and trips to the dog park. She fits in beautifully with our family and we could not imagine life without her!

She graduated from her puppy class in August 2014 and did wonderfully! We're so proud of her and so happy we made the decision to adopt!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!
All the best,
Becca and Family.


Hi Jo-Anne... our Katie is doing very well here in Surrey, BC. She loves the ocean and all it's many smells!

Training is very rewarding. We have done 3 classes and 3 to go. The instructor Lisa, is amazed at how smart Kate is and eager to learn and please:) Mastering sit, stay, come, soft leash walk, emergency come, calming head signals and leave it, seemed like a breeze for her!!

Kate is very social with other dogs and learning to be accepting of new people as well. We have a play group of similar age dogs, and sizes, who we meet pretty much daily at a local dog park. The fun they have!.... wrestling and chasing through the forest, makes me smile.

She loves tug of war and quite happily chases and returns sticks and other toys on our walks. I can't say that any of the dogs that we have met can actually catch her when she is on a tare.

We think she is a real sweetheart!

Robin Lowes


Dizzy (ARFs Disney) arrived in late January, and immediately made herself right at home:) She didn't seem to have any problems settling in and got the hang of her crate, and training very quickly.

She has grown to full size now, not too tall as there is mostly Corgi in her mix. She has tons of energy and it's very difficult to get photos of her sitting or standing still as she is constantly on the move!

Dizzy loves being at the cottage and playing with her cousin dogs. She spends a lot of time on the lookout for chipmunks and squirrels! Dizzy is a lot of fun and we are looking forward to continuing with her agility training, which she seems to excel at!

The Hillyer Family!


Just wanted to show you guys how Winnie (ARF's Elle) is doing... Couple of proud parents!! 1st in her class at Norma Jeanne's Puppy Power!

Derek and Sophia


Hi Jo-Anne & Nancy,
I have attached a picture of Max who was adopted in May 2014 and his cousin Maggie (aka Marie) who my brother adopted as a puppy from ARF, 6 years ago!

They get along really well. Max is healthy and filling out. He loves to play tug of war and has met the other dogs in our family too.

We had an AFR recommended trainer come to the house and work with Max. He still hates motorcycles:) He enjoys staying over at my daughter’s house with a three year old girl and an eight year old Newfie dog!

We are really an ARF family. My brother’s daughter adopted Billie (now Ruby) in August. We highly recommend you:)

Mary Catherine Macaluso

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