Animal Rescue Foundation

Who are we?

ARF Ontario is based in London, Ontario. We work with First Nation communities and rural areas to help find permanent loving homes for unwanted strays. We are 100% volunteer and foster home based. We do not have a shelter facility.

On a volunteer basis, our First Nation Community Support Team coordinator welcomes dozens of calls and e-mails each day to provide answers to general animal welfare questions, arrange rescue intake, coordinate veterinary services, co-host vaccination and medical mobiles, and maintain a donated food delivery service.

Our Vision

To promote humane treatment, compassion, and respect towards all companion animals.

Our Goals

  • To implement accessible and affordable spay/neuter surgeries for adult companion animals and to reduce the overall number of strays needing to be rescued.
  • To educate the public on the benefits of positive training techniques.
  • To support Bite Prevention Campaigns, working towards reducing the number of dog bites in the community and helping to keep families and their companion animals safe.

Only with your help

ARF receives no government grants and we operate completely on donations from fellow animal lovers, monies raised through adoption fees and fundraising projects developed by our volunteers. We are 100% volunteer, we are grassroots, and are not a registered charity. The majority of our expenses go towards essential veterinary care, training and supplies for the animals we rescue. While all dogs and cats require vaccinations, spay/neutering, de-worming, quality food & TLC, most of them do require more extensive veterinary procedures and consultations with trainers.

Want to get involved?

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